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Big Brother 8: Joe Has Got to Go!

Posted by Ryan on July 5, 2007

I just watched the first episode of Big Brother Season 8 tonight and I’ve come to this conclusion:  Joe sucks!  But seriously folks, he needs to get voted off now!  He made two really dumb mistakes on the first day in the Big Brother House:

  1. The eleven House guests were told that three more people were joining them.  Suddenly, when the House found out that three of them were having enemies join them in the House, Joe turned from nice funny gay-guy to wretched, potentially back-stabbing bitty, showing how quickly and severe his emotions and composure can turn.
  2. So, he started telling a story about his ex-boyfriend, Dustin, who gave him the clap (mysteriously, of course) who was a lying back-stabbing meanie… just two minutes before Dustin walked down the stairs to join the rest of the House!  I mean, who does that?  In front of people you just met and will be competing against for $500,000, go shouting that you caught gonorrhea from your ex-boyfriend who actually might come down those stairs– and in this case did!

So, Joe has to go for two reasons:  he’s too emotional to trust with the ever realigning alliances in Big Brother, and there is now a huge “ick” factor surrounding him.  Personally, I’ve never seen a reality show where a contestant tells everyone in the first episode they had an STD.  That’s just not normal.  Oh, wait.  Real World 3: who could forget Pedro!

CBS photo.


2 Responses to “Big Brother 8: Joe Has Got to Go!”

  1. Mike said

    That was one word I didn’t expect to hear when I tuned in tonight. You’re right about Joe needing to go. He started out as an over-the-top stereotype of a happy-go-lucky gay guy and then transformed into an over-the-top stereotype of a bitchy gay guy the second things turned less than perfect in his summer fantasyland. Even Marcellas wasn’t that whiny. I’m actually rooting for Dustin to win HOH next week just so he can get rid of this freak.

    First impressions are difficult in this show but at this early stage, I like Carol, Jessica, Amber, and Kail. The first three are nice to look at and Carol seems to have a plan, and it’s good to see Kail as HOH as she is one of the few normal people in the house. I can see America rooting for her. Let’s hope she seals the deal by nominating Joe for eviction and ridding our TV screens of him.

  2. […] is entertaining because she is always crying and is allies with Joe’s nemesis Dustin. (As Ryan previously mentioned, this website is no fan of […]

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