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Big Brother 8 Starts Tonight! But First

Posted by Mike on July 5, 2007

The wait is over. The eighth season of Big Brother kicks off this evening at 8 PM on CBS. With All-Stars airing last summer, this season will feature the first new cast in two years. A quick glance at the official Big Brother website predictably shows a cast that looks as boring and phony as can be. This is always the first impression; however, first impressions can be misleading. No cast look more artificial and unentertaining before the premiere than Season six, but that was the cast that gave us Janelle and the Jedi.

Every season in recent memory has operated around a theme. This season’s theme is enemies. According to CBS, some of the Houseguests will play the game with someone from their past, someone they thought and hoped they would never see again. It will be interesting to see which enemies target each other and which bury their differences and form alliances.

Over the last few weeks, I posted videos from seasons past mostly because I couldn’t wait for the new season. Since it is still technically “pre-season”, I figured I would post one last video. This clip is a tribute to the woman who hosts the program, Julie “Chenbot” Chen. Chen is not the best television personality out there. In fact, she is robotic and usually downright incompetent. However, her routine is so bad that is actually entertaining and still manages to give Big Brother some of its charm. The show wouldn’t be the same without her.

So the season begins tonight, but first

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