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Clearstream Becoming Less Murky

Posted by Mike on July 6, 2007

Every time I read anything about Jacques Chirac and Dominique de Villepin, I’m forced to wonder whether either man possesses anything even resembling a redeeming quality. According to New York’s best newspaper, de Villepin may be investigated for claims that he and Chirac tried to frame now President Sarkozy for corruption in an attempt to sabotage his Presidential ambitions.

It is established fact that Sarkozy was innocent of the charges. The remaining issue is whether de Villepin had anything to do with the attempt to frame Sarko from the shadows in what has come to be called the Clearstream affair. Now that the weasel’s home has been searched, more information should be forthcoming.

This investigation notwithstanding, the fact that this Sarko has de Villepin as a political enemy makes me like him even more.

AP photo

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Palmetto Whispers

Posted by Mike on July 6, 2007

The marriage between Lindsey Graham and conservatives is on the rocks. Without a Republican challenger however, Graham can relax as he continues to fulfill his lifelong dream of being “Senator for life.” Despite conservative hopes to the contrary, news of potential challengers has been practically non-existent. Fortunately, whispers have been heard in South Carolina Republican circles. Several Republican elected officials have been approached about a potential challenge. One official, State Representative Jeff Duncan is seriously considering a run.

It’s encouraging to hear movement on this front. Although I’m not one to blindly support the Republican Party, I also recognize the necessity of forming coalitions with moderate Republicans who still agree with us more often than not. What I cant stand are Republicans who repeatedly oppose conservative values while insulting those who form their political base. Lincoln Chafee was the perfect example of this. Graham isn’t too far behind.

The risks that come with a primary challenge must always be considered. Last year, Lincoln Chafee faced a primary challenge in Rhode Island. Although he survived the primary, Chafee was damaged by November and the Republicans lost the seat. South Carolina is a different story though. Unlike the Island of Rhode where the people are conservative, think they’re moderate and vote liberal, South Carolina is a conservative state where the people know they’re conservative and then vote that way. There is much less downside to challenging Graham in South Carolina than there was to challenging Chafee in Rhode Island.

That said, any challenger has to be well-known and well-financed. Although no one has stepped up, it is encouraging that our South Carolinian friends are at least looking for someone.

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Happy Birthday President Bush!

Posted by Ryan on July 6, 2007

Dubya turns 61 today.  That would mean he was born in 1946.  Demographically, this makes Bush a Baby-Boomer, like his predecessor BJ Clinton.  Bill’s a bit younger, turning 61 next month.  George has a loving wife and two successful 25 year old daughters, and a large, close-knit family.  He’s a born-again Methodist who struggled with alcoholism, business failures and political successes.

Alas, Bush has had a very disappointing presidency, especially since there was so much promise.  Even without a 9/11 he could have salvaged things for his seemingly clouded presidency with his tax policy.  Yet, 9/11 showed us all who he can be:  strong, principled, with America’s interests at heart and in action.  Since being reelected, however, he let the press define the Katrina disaster practically blaming him for an act of God, he let Iraq wallow for too long in paralysis, he let his Social Security and tax reform initiatives flounder, and he failed to see the borders for what they are, a national security lapse, which has hurt him deeply amongst his conservative base, including me. 

Can he turn things around before he leaves or is he just going to clock-watch until January 20, 2009?  I don’t know.  If the troops come home victorious from Iraq (by leaving it stable and able to defend itself) and he at least gets a borders bill passed, then maybe.  Otherwise, as Newt Gingrich once said, he could end up being the Republican Party’s version of Jimmy Carter.  Shudder.

Pic from Extreme Mortman.

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