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Clearstream Becoming Less Murky

Posted by Mike on July 6, 2007

Every time I read anything about Jacques Chirac and Dominique de Villepin, I’m forced to wonder whether either man possesses anything even resembling a redeeming quality. According to New York’s best newspaper, de Villepin may be investigated for claims that he and Chirac tried to frame now President Sarkozy for corruption in an attempt to sabotage his Presidential ambitions.

It is established fact that Sarkozy was innocent of the charges. The remaining issue is whether de Villepin had anything to do with the attempt to frame Sarko from the shadows in what has come to be called the Clearstream affair. Now that the weasel’s home has been searched, more information should be forthcoming.

This investigation notwithstanding, the fact that this Sarko has de Villepin as a political enemy makes me like him even more.

AP photo

One Response to “Clearstream Becoming Less Murky”

  1. Ryan said

    I’m glad Dominique de Villepin is getting what’s due. The blatant obstructionism of that weasel in the run up to the Iraq War is one of the main reasons why we started really hating the French back then. Chirac is just a DeGaullist– a political liability in today’s world. But, on a lighter note, I always thought “de Villepin” sounded like “the villain” when I heard it spoken quickly. He certainly was Sarko’s bane who was foiled in the nick of time!

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