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Palmetto Whispers

Posted by Mike on July 6, 2007

The marriage between Lindsey Graham and conservatives is on the rocks. Without a Republican challenger however, Graham can relax as he continues to fulfill his lifelong dream of being “Senator for life.” Despite conservative hopes to the contrary, news of potential challengers has been practically non-existent. Fortunately, whispers have been heard in South Carolina Republican circles. Several Republican elected officials have been approached about a potential challenge. One official, State Representative Jeff Duncan is seriously considering a run.

It’s encouraging to hear movement on this front. Although I’m not one to blindly support the Republican Party, I also recognize the necessity of forming coalitions with moderate Republicans who still agree with us more often than not. What I cant stand are Republicans who repeatedly oppose conservative values while insulting those who form their political base. Lincoln Chafee was the perfect example of this. Graham isn’t too far behind.

The risks that come with a primary challenge must always be considered. Last year, Lincoln Chafee faced a primary challenge in Rhode Island. Although he survived the primary, Chafee was damaged by November and the Republicans lost the seat. South Carolina is a different story though. Unlike the Island of Rhode where the people are conservative, think they’re moderate and vote liberal, South Carolina is a conservative state where the people know they’re conservative and then vote that way. There is much less downside to challenging Graham in South Carolina than there was to challenging Chafee in Rhode Island.

That said, any challenger has to be well-known and well-financed. Although no one has stepped up, it is encouraging that our South Carolinian friends are at least looking for someone.

2 Responses to “Palmetto Whispers”

  1. It also looks like Rep. Gresham Barrett is strongly considering. He’s been sending surveys outside of his own district and the focus of them has been highlighting illegal immigration. He definitely seems to be preparing for a run against Graham. A lot of folks have been downplaying the fact that anyone is going to step up, but it’s mainly media and GOP Graham supporters. I think Lindsey is going to feel the wrath of the local electorate next year.

  2. Ryan said

    I certainly hope so. That’s the point of a republic– that the people we elect do our bidding. If they become negligent to that end we should kick them out. Too often incumbants play on the ignorance and acquiescence of the electoral to cruise again and again back into office when the people should probably boot them out in cases like this. Lindsay Graham is going to play on the idea that there’s plenty of time before the next election to rehabilitate his image. I don’t trust him and if I were a South Carolina Republican I’d work now to try to unseat him, or in the very least scare the living heck out of him!

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