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Corzine’s Carbon Attack Team

Posted by Ryan on July 7, 2007

New Jersey’s Premier, Comrade Governor Jon Corzine, has bought into Algore’s global warming panic and took the NJ Politburo along with him.  The “Global Warming Response Act” sets into motion the country’s toughest carbon emission standards.  Fine, that’s his prerogative.  But he had to lecture Washington along the way telling them to “wake up” and get on board with lofty goals such as his by 2020 and 2050.  NJ’s law is more enforceable than California’s strict laws, but I love this bit from the Reuters article: (I’ve added the italics)

New Jersey, which has a hub of oil refineries and chemical plants in its northern region, aims to fight emissions by promoting renewable energy like solar and wind power and by helping consumers to conserve power.

Public Service Enterprise Group, owner of New Jersey’s largest utility, said PSEG supports the law but that it would lead to higher power prices.

“I believe customers are willing to pay for the higher costs associated with the environmental benefits,” the company’s Chief Executive Ralph Izzo told Reuters at the ceremony where Corzine signed the bill.

The New Jersey Business and Industry Association opposes the law, saying it would raise fees and give sweeping powers to state agencies.

Big surprise–let’s run our cars and businesses on sunshine and sails, then charge everybody more without innovative solutions while letting the government regulate everything it can.  Typical Liberalism:  government is the solution, the people and business must be led like sheep since they don’t know what’s good for them, and basing hard economic and social policy on incomplete and contradictory scientific data. 

Not believing the myths about the dangers of global warming does not make one stupid, it just makes them open-minded and not gullible to the whims of self-interested scientists and insecure politicians.  Even if we doubled our carbon emissions planetwide by 2100, the Earth’s tempurature may only increase by 0.5C degrees, which is statistically and historically insignificant and within normal fluctuations.  Why does the sky always have to be falling for these people? I’m sure a market based solution with tax incentives over the same time period would get the same results faster, without the socialism restricting and harming business and the consumer.

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Fred Thompson Gives Media a Right Fright

Posted by Mike on July 7, 2007

If early coverage of Fred Thompson’s campaign is any indication, the mainstream media are positively terrified of the prospect of a Fred Thompson presidency. This hit piece in particular is something that could have been written by the DNC itself. It attempts to link Fred Thompson with Richard Nixon and Watergate despite the fact that Thompson was the person who revealed the existence of White House secret recordings which eventually brought down the President.

The fun doesn’t stop there.  In addition to trying to link Thompson with Nixon, the hit piece also regurgitates the old Democrat political standby used when facing a formidable Republican opponent: call him stupid.

Fred Thompson gained an image as a tough-minded investigative counsel for the Senate Watergate committee. Yet President Nixon and his top aides viewed the fellow Republican as a willing, if not too bright, ally, according to White House tapes.

Some people never learn.  That’s what they said about Reagan too.

Liberals are perfectly free to argue that their Republican opponent is corrupt or stupid. It won’t work because they can’t credibly defend the position, but they have the right to at least try. What is out of bounds for liberals making such an argument is the concomitant attempt to present themselves as objective journalists. Most people see right through such bias; however, some swing voters who pay little attention to current events might not. That is where alternative media needs to step in.

Despite the infuriating nature of this hit piece, I am encouraged by its barely concealed desperation at this early stage of the campaign.  The AP is clearly as afraid of Fred Thompson as John Edwards is of a split end. Something tells me Fred Thompson would be a pretty decent President if the media is this troubled by him this early on.

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Live Earth Hypocrisy

Posted by Ryan on July 7, 2007

Algore’s big world-wide concert, “Live Earth“, is taking place today, 7-7-07 (the day, by the way, that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows should be coming out, but I digress).  MSN is the online sponsor, so NBC, MSDNC, and Bravo will also be running or reporting on the concert all day long.  Its point is to “raise awareness” to the climate crisis, but in the word of a critic, Live Earth is “a massive hypocritcal fraud” in that those performing will fly about 222,624 miles to get the the various venues and over 1000 tons of waste will be generated by the spectators.  Planes don’t run on good will and pixie dust, they run on jet fuel.  If they really wanted to walk-the-walk, they could have had NBC, MSDNC show the concert for free on TV or have MSN stream the concert with easy access to make this available to everyone without having to waste jet fuel or landfill space.  But, Algore gets free press from a Liberal media outlet willing to embrace his philosophy.

So, what about those people attending this concert?  How are they going to get there?  We know they’re going to eat and drink beverages that come in disposable containers.  Are they going to use the facilities during the concert or before their drive home?  See the problem is, when you’re telling the world that they must change their behavior now or we’ll be underwater in 20 years, yet the messengers are completely hypocritical in their behaviors, even to the point of inventing the notion of “carbon offsets” to make themselves feel better for not having to sacrifice the way they want all of us to sacrifice, then you turn into a joke to the neutral observer.  Algore is a joke, this concert is just a concert that’s not going to change anyone’s mind who’s not already mindnumbed, but it’s their right to put their ridiculous hypocrisy in the public arena for all to see.

Pic from The Age.

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