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Live Earth Hypocrisy

Posted by Ryan on July 7, 2007

Algore’s big world-wide concert, “Live Earth“, is taking place today, 7-7-07 (the day, by the way, that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows should be coming out, but I digress).  MSN is the online sponsor, so NBC, MSDNC, and Bravo will also be running or reporting on the concert all day long.  Its point is to “raise awareness” to the climate crisis, but in the word of a critic, Live Earth is “a massive hypocritcal fraud” in that those performing will fly about 222,624 miles to get the the various venues and over 1000 tons of waste will be generated by the spectators.  Planes don’t run on good will and pixie dust, they run on jet fuel.  If they really wanted to walk-the-walk, they could have had NBC, MSDNC show the concert for free on TV or have MSN stream the concert with easy access to make this available to everyone without having to waste jet fuel or landfill space.  But, Algore gets free press from a Liberal media outlet willing to embrace his philosophy.

So, what about those people attending this concert?  How are they going to get there?  We know they’re going to eat and drink beverages that come in disposable containers.  Are they going to use the facilities during the concert or before their drive home?  See the problem is, when you’re telling the world that they must change their behavior now or we’ll be underwater in 20 years, yet the messengers are completely hypocritical in their behaviors, even to the point of inventing the notion of “carbon offsets” to make themselves feel better for not having to sacrifice the way they want all of us to sacrifice, then you turn into a joke to the neutral observer.  Algore is a joke, this concert is just a concert that’s not going to change anyone’s mind who’s not already mindnumbed, but it’s their right to put their ridiculous hypocrisy in the public arena for all to see.

Pic from The Age.


3 Responses to “Live Earth Hypocrisy”

  1. Why am I thinking that is nothing but a prelude to Al Gore running, once again for President?

    Why am I also thinking that this entire movement resembles a religion more than any science?
    Why do I remember a while back that it was man made global cooling that was destroying the earth?

    Lastly, why does it appear that many of the same players in the “global cooling” fiasco are now in the warming camp?

  2. Ryan said

    Algore is getting a LOT of free press on this. I htink he’s running. He’s also setting himself up as a “world player” of vast importance that American “needs” in the wake of Dubya. I don’t buy it– he’s pandering to the ex-communist element of international government control freaks… aka the international environmentalist movement. Remember, after Nixon started winding things down Vietnam, the Left-wing nut jobs stopped attacking our troops and embraced environmentalism as their new cause. Algore and She Who Must Not Be Named were both products of that leftist utopian nonsense and they are still peddling it nearly forty years later.

  3. Chris said

    Live Earth is a total joke and the only thing it does is raise Algore’s profile and prepare him for his 2008 run. And if he is running in 2008, which I believe he is, he needs to seriously consider salads (to avoid any Taft-like bathtub incidents ) for he has packed on the pounds and it’s quite evident in his pic which appears on today’s front page of the Star-Ledger.

    And to further the incidents of hyposcrisy at Live Earth, tailgating at Giants Stadium is going to create more trash than necessary, not necessarily environmentally friendly…and PETA is getting into the act, claiming that selling meat products at the concession stands is hypocritical to the environmental movement. (I guess they haven’t seen Algore recently)

    Let the circus begin!

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