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Jon Tester: “Won and Done”

Posted by Ryan on July 8, 2007

Montana Democrat and least senior of all 100 old goats in the Senate, Jon Tester, has a solution to Iraq:  declare victory and leave!  Oh boy.  This is a problem the Democrats have to contend with from the 2006 Election: blue dogs, or Democrats elected from traditionally Republican districts whose seats are vulnerable if they tow the party line on everything.  Many of them were elected to change course in Iraq, not lose it like the unfortunate Democratic Party line.

So, as Tester sees it, we’ve accomplished all of our goals in Iraq and staying there isn’t necessary any longer.  We achieved regime change, we made sure there were no WMDs, and we set up the conditions for free and fair elections that produced a democratic-like government.  His complaint is that is it not up to America to resolve a long-standing civil war which was there before we showed up and will be there after we leave.  Hey wait a minute… did a Democrat just say we won?  This cannot square well with Dingy Harry who’s been declaring defeat all year!  But, Tester is from a very red state, but is doing this not because he believes it, but because it’ll give the Democrats political cover and allow them to declare victory in Iraq while cutting and running.  I do not trust his motives. 

Yet, I’ve been saying something similar to Tester (but I actually mean it) for a while now:  if there is a defeat, then is it an Arab defeat– how much more can we give these people before it is no longer our fault using the very same objectives that Tester uses?  Arguing over the reasons for war is effectively meaningless and has been for three years, so let’s look at the current conditions.  We’ve decided that Baghdad needs to be stabilized before we can leave so the troop surge was put into place.  That process is playing out to decent success, despite Democrat attempts to ruin it.  Once the surge has played out for a few more months and the conditions change, we can reevaluate then. 

We are going to leave Iraq one day.  However, stabilizing it to our best ability helps us in the long run.  Just because Jon Tester thinks we’ve won for political reasons, doesn’t change the fact that if we leave too soon, we’ll just be back there in a couple of years.  Why?  Al Qaeda training camps will reopen and it will become the new Afghanistan that we’ll have to invade and take out anyway, this time a satellite of Iran as well.  Iraq is already the center of the War on Terror.  Better to do it right the first time (or in this case the second time, thanks Colin Powell) than have to come back later.

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