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Fred Thompson: He Who Will Not Be Smeared?

Posted by Mike on July 9, 2007

The media are terrified of Fred Thompson. We saw it in the AP’s pathetic attempt to link the Tennessean to Watergate. We saw it in Michael Moore’s hilarious attempt to discredit him. Now we are seeing it in a recent LA Times hit piece alleging that Thompson, on behalf of well-known law firm Arent Fox, lobbied Bush the Elder’s White House on behalf a pro-choice group back in 1991. Thompson advisers denied this charge. Bush the Elder aides including John Sununu also denied it. In fact, while those who leveled the charge were doing so, they were also offering explanations that they were not lying. Talk about a red flag.

Well Captain’s Quarters is poking some holes in this latest smear. Among other things, they point out that alleged pro-choice lobbying by Arent Fox was done in September of 1991, but Thompson didn’t register as a foreign lobbyist until October of 1991. (Although it appears that domestic lobbyists did not have to register at the time, the fact that Thompson registered as a foreign lobbyist in October suggests that was when Thompson’s lobbying for his firm began). When this fact is added to the absence of any billing records proving that Thompson worked for the abortion lobby, denials by Bush the Elder officials, LA Times backtracking, and Thompson’s clean voting record on the life issue, it appears that someone is desperate to smear Fred.

The media’s fear of Fred Thompson is starting to become obvious, but it appears that they are not the only ones afraid of Fred. Further digging reveals that the smear originated from supporters of . . . She Who Must Not Be Named.

It’s tough to say at this point, but maybe she fears Fred too. The media wing of her campaign certainly does. Isn’t it a little early to be desperate though?

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Harry Reid on Iraq– The Ostrich Brigade Returns

Posted by Ryan on July 9, 2007

Senate Majority Leader and old wuss-bag Harry “The Body” Reid is up to his old antics again by trying to pressure President Bush to cut-and-run in Iraq citing new Republican defections to the cut-and-run, Ostrich Brigade strategy (put your head in the sand and the bad guys’ll just go away).  The Dems can sniff out the carcas of Bush’s Presidency and want to feast, bringing some RINOs with them.  The Baghdad Security Plan (aka “the Surge”) is only about a month old, yet these old buzzards in the Senate want to scramble for the hills because it is tough going and not showing immediate results that they like.

Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard has a few things to say to President Bush about this debate that I think the President needs to listen to.  The Dems are only doing this because their kook-fringe financiers demand that America turn tail and run, so Reid’s placating to that interest group at the expense of our active troops in the field, increasing America’s already soiled image in the region, and non-wacko members of the electorate (especially the Blue Dogs).  To Kristol, Bush needs to be stubborn on the issue of Iraq and avoid the temptation of a “Grand Bargain” on the war, which failed miserably on the illegal immigration issue and would be politically fatal to him if applied to Iraq in any way the Dems propose it.

I’m eerily starting to feel Bush is less like a Truman (despised by many, even in his party, at the time and embraced by many after the years had passed) and more like a Carter (weak, inconsistent and politically wobbly on the most important issues of the day and viewed as an inept leader in a time when we needed strength).  It pains me feel that it didn’t have to be this way.

Pic from The Upper Left blog.

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Live Earth Flopped!

Posted by Ryan on July 9, 2007

The pan-world Live Earth concert was essentially a dud to most neutral media observers.  This was the moment!  Algore preached to everyone in the world he could reach about his message and tried to galvanize support for action now.  Yet, the crowds were not huge, the acts were so-so, the message seemed forced, and the response was unimpressive.  Live 8 and Live Aid attracted much bigger acts and crowds in Britain, a much more brainwashed nation than America on imminent destruction caused by carbon-based global warming and the plight of Africa.  Where was Bono?  He’s there for every important cause with a kind of moral tone that often does convince the masses!  What about U2, or Coldplay, Radiohead, REM, Bruce Springsteen, or Bob Dylan in London or the Meadowlands?  Those bands are well-known activist bands that carry large, dedicated fan bases.

Two things are possible: poor planning or true apathy.  It is possible that spreading your audience around seven continents on one day is hard to organize, but it is also possible that they did everything right–and people generally don’t care.  This youth generation is being preached to by a group that was very activist as youths.  These kids are just not activists like their elders.  They’d much rather do something than just talk about it around a bunch of hypocritical yes-people.  Less than half voted in 2004 (42.4% ages 18-24) and 2000 (33.8% ages 18-24), during a war that risks drafting this very age cohort, all with Dubya in the White House looking for reelection!   Who knows how to reach them, but it is becoming evident that Algore has not.

Hat Tip to Drudge for the links.  View Images pic.

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Democrats Can’t Win On Ideas

Posted by Sal on July 9, 2007

In yet another example of how Democrat’s cannot win in the arena of ideas, a new popular author of the left, scientist Drew Weston, is telling the Democrats that they must play to voter’s emotions to win elections, and that they must counter Republican “scare-tactics.”  It again goes to show that the Democrat’s policy ideas are not popular with the American public, and therefore must be “framed” or downplayed, and appeals must be met instead with emotional appeals.  Weston’s big mistake is assuming that the Republicans have won because of this in the past.  Republicans win because they espose conservative principles that work, such as lower taxes, enhanced security, strong defense, etc.  (Witness the elections of 1980 and 1984, and the 1994 congressional election as prime examples).  Democrats lose whenever they are honest about their ideas (Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry) and only win when they hide their ideas and Republicans are not true to conservative ideals (both of which happened in 2006 as well as in 1992). 

The Democrats continue to shoot themselves in the foot with these “electoral strategies”, focusing on how they can fool the American people now rather than try to convice people of their ideas.  I honestly feel that 2008 is already the Republicans for the taking.  The only problem is, will the Republicans seize this advantage and portray themselves as true conservatives with a vision for America, or will they shrink back into RINO mode, and blow it all.  I fear the latter is more likely. 

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