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Democrats Can’t Win On Ideas

Posted by Sal on July 9, 2007

In yet another example of how Democrat’s cannot win in the arena of ideas, a new popular author of the left, scientist Drew Weston, is telling the Democrats that they must play to voter’s emotions to win elections, and that they must counter Republican “scare-tactics.”  It again goes to show that the Democrat’s policy ideas are not popular with the American public, and therefore must be “framed” or downplayed, and appeals must be met instead with emotional appeals.  Weston’s big mistake is assuming that the Republicans have won because of this in the past.  Republicans win because they espose conservative principles that work, such as lower taxes, enhanced security, strong defense, etc.  (Witness the elections of 1980 and 1984, and the 1994 congressional election as prime examples).  Democrats lose whenever they are honest about their ideas (Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry) and only win when they hide their ideas and Republicans are not true to conservative ideals (both of which happened in 2006 as well as in 1992). 

The Democrats continue to shoot themselves in the foot with these “electoral strategies”, focusing on how they can fool the American people now rather than try to convice people of their ideas.  I honestly feel that 2008 is already the Republicans for the taking.  The only problem is, will the Republicans seize this advantage and portray themselves as true conservatives with a vision for America, or will they shrink back into RINO mode, and blow it all.  I fear the latter is more likely. 


2 Responses to “Democrats Can’t Win On Ideas”

  1. Ryan said

    Great article because it illustrates the absurd. The one thing I absolutely know about national Democrats is that they only work on emotions to drive their agenda: Bush is an idiot, Cheney is evil, nationalized health care is nice, welfare is only fair, Social Security reform will hurt people, Iraq is wrong because we hurt Iraqis, the War on Terror is all about fear, illegals are just here to work, etc. All of these points of view are not thought through rationally, but are emotionally based!

    The reality is that terrorists want to kill us, failure in Iraq is a lot worse than what is happening now, Social Security MUST be fixed or scrapped for a new plan, welfare creates dependency if abused (which it absolutely was), nationalized health care is a disaster waiting to happen (sure I want an agency with an attitude like the DMV to handle my health? Not likely!), and illegals are illegal, which make them a real national security issue. These are based in cold hard facts.

    If the Dems think that playing to emotions is the cure for their woes, then they are in for a rude awakening, which is fine by me.

  2. Mike said

    I’m a little more optimistic. I can’t deny that the Republicans are falling into a RINO state of mind but luckily our Presidential candidates are not.

    Whoever wins the nomination will take over as party leader and will set the agenda for the rest of the ticket. I like what I’m hearing from both Fred and Mitt, one of whom I think will win the nomination. Even Rudy will be conservative on what people are focused on though I don’t think he’ll be the nominee.

    Our Republicans are way off course because our leader is way off course. A new captain takes over around February though.

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