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Fred Thompson: He Who Will Not Be Smeared?

Posted by Mike on July 9, 2007

The media are terrified of Fred Thompson. We saw it in the AP’s pathetic attempt to link the Tennessean to Watergate. We saw it in Michael Moore’s hilarious attempt to discredit him. Now we are seeing it in a recent LA Times hit piece alleging that Thompson, on behalf of well-known law firm Arent Fox, lobbied Bush the Elder’s White House on behalf a pro-choice group back in 1991. Thompson advisers denied this charge. Bush the Elder aides including John Sununu also denied it. In fact, while those who leveled the charge were doing so, they were also offering explanations that they were not lying. Talk about a red flag.

Well Captain’s Quarters is poking some holes in this latest smear. Among other things, they point out that alleged pro-choice lobbying by Arent Fox was done in September of 1991, but Thompson didn’t register as a foreign lobbyist until October of 1991. (Although it appears that domestic lobbyists did not have to register at the time, the fact that Thompson registered as a foreign lobbyist in October suggests that was when Thompson’s lobbying for his firm began). When this fact is added to the absence of any billing records proving that Thompson worked for the abortion lobby, denials by Bush the Elder officials, LA Times backtracking, and Thompson’s clean voting record on the life issue, it appears that someone is desperate to smear Fred.

The media’s fear of Fred Thompson is starting to become obvious, but it appears that they are not the only ones afraid of Fred. Further digging reveals that the smear originated from supporters of . . . She Who Must Not Be Named.

It’s tough to say at this point, but maybe she fears Fred too. The media wing of her campaign certainly does. Isn’t it a little early to be desperate though?


4 Responses to “Fred Thompson: He Who Will Not Be Smeared?”

  1. Mike,
    I’m not usually one for self promotion, but here are the links to my reports on the Watergate claims by the AP. It might help you out, and I am just trying to get the word out about the bogus story they tried to sell.

    Part 2 follow up:

  2. […] disappearing without a trace from LAT bombshell on Fred’s abortion lobbying -He Who Will Not Be Smeared? -When Did Fred Start At Arent […]

  3. RepublicanWomenAgainstFredThompson said

    Obviously Fred thought he would be coronated President. Looks like the lazy sleazy actor with gold digger in toe is going to actually have to campaign. He sure as hell isnt handling the media like everyone claimed he would. He looks like a coward.

  4. Ryan said

    From Mike’s post, I can hardly see where this attitude of Thompson’s own feeling of inevitability has come from. He’s reacted well to false or misleading atacks by the media. I think he handled himself rather well and agree with Mike’s premise that the MSM is getting desparate. Thompson has entered late in the game, which makes his life more difficult. And I’d like to think that Fred’s “gold digger” has little to do with his policy positions or the issues at hand. Why do you think She Who Must Not Be Named stayed with her husband– for the money or the power or both? But she is leading in the Democrat Party so we can expect that.

    Every top tier Republican has some personal or policy baggage, but sticking to the issues is better for everyone. I’d like to know who you support and why they’d be better than Thompson. Personally, I like Romney a bit more out of the current crop, but am still open to supporting Fred in the primaries if he can hack it in my eyes.

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