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Live Earth Flopped!

Posted by Ryan on July 9, 2007

The pan-world Live Earth concert was essentially a dud to most neutral media observers.  This was the moment!  Algore preached to everyone in the world he could reach about his message and tried to galvanize support for action now.  Yet, the crowds were not huge, the acts were so-so, the message seemed forced, and the response was unimpressive.  Live 8 and Live Aid attracted much bigger acts and crowds in Britain, a much more brainwashed nation than America on imminent destruction caused by carbon-based global warming and the plight of Africa.  Where was Bono?  He’s there for every important cause with a kind of moral tone that often does convince the masses!  What about U2, or Coldplay, Radiohead, REM, Bruce Springsteen, or Bob Dylan in London or the Meadowlands?  Those bands are well-known activist bands that carry large, dedicated fan bases.

Two things are possible: poor planning or true apathy.  It is possible that spreading your audience around seven continents on one day is hard to organize, but it is also possible that they did everything right–and people generally don’t care.  This youth generation is being preached to by a group that was very activist as youths.  These kids are just not activists like their elders.  They’d much rather do something than just talk about it around a bunch of hypocritical yes-people.  Less than half voted in 2004 (42.4% ages 18-24) and 2000 (33.8% ages 18-24), during a war that risks drafting this very age cohort, all with Dubya in the White House looking for reelection!   Who knows how to reach them, but it is becoming evident that Algore has not.

Hat Tip to Drudge for the links.  View Images pic.


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