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McCain’s Troubles

Posted by Ryan on July 10, 2007

Senator Smeagol, John McCain, is feeling the pain of being unpopular as two high-level resignations took place today by two irreplacable staffers.  Both McCain’s campaign manager and chief strategist resigned on their own, not because of a fit from the Unstable One.  The illegal immigration issue effectively destroyed McCain’s campaign given his current competition, setting up a Thompson springboard whenever Fred wants to join in.  So, McCain’s tried to latch onto the Congressional trouble over supporting Iraq, taking the sensible position of letting General Petraeus report on where things are by September 15.  Though consistent, his quick response to the alleged Democrat legislation to lose the war now seems suspect and timely in a way to use an issue he’s been strong on to revitalize his candidacy.  Ultimately, I don’t think it’ll work.  He’s shown us through his bill with “Fins” that he’s a Washington crony and insider, and really doesn’t care what his party thinks.  Tell me again why he should be our nominee?

AP Photo.

One Response to “McCain’s Troubles”

  1. BillT said

    I still worry that his implosion could harm the party as a whole. I wish he’d quit and go quietly, but I’m not naive enough to believe he will.

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