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Big Brother 8: Carol Evicted

Posted by Mike on July 12, 2007

Earlier tonight, the group inside the Big Brother house grew a little smaller when Carol became the first houseguest to be evicted. Sitting on the block alongside Amber, she was evicted by a vote of 10-1. I’m generally pleased with this outcome because Carol was quite boring. Amber on the other hand, is usually entertaining because of her constant crying, seems to know what she is doing game wise, and is allies with Joe’s nemesis, Dustin. (As Ryan previously mentioned, Joe has got to go).

There isn’t much to say about Carol both because she is boring and it is so early in the game. However, her departure is significant because she was one of the six houseguests who was forced to play the game with an “enemy.” Her enemy was her old high school rival, Jessica, of whom we will speak no ill because of, um, well, her beaming personality.

With thirteen houseguests now remaining, the face of the game now changes as Jen replaces Kail as Head of Household. Jen is quite annoying, but hopefully she will nominate Joe and eventually rid him from our television screens. If she does, her stock will rise.

CBS photo

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Interim Iraq Report on the Surge

Posted by Ryan on July 12, 2007

According to the Bush Administration, 8 of 18 “benchmarks” have been satisfactorily met in Iraq (pdf) during the Surge period, not the overall gloomy failure that was being reported earlier this week.  Yet, these benchmark successes deal mostly with the military, rather than the political side of things over in Iraq.  I think this is both good and not so good.  The Iraqis are taking it to the enemy and running more of their day-to-day operations, which is good, but the Iraqi Parliament has not passed a major political reform measure that was supposed to deal with oil revenues, electoral reforms, and debaathification.  This needs to change. 

Iraq must step things up or they’ll lose whatever political will Americans still have left to aid them.  I can accept that it is a difficult fight against the various bad guys in Iraq, but there has to be some substantive political payback on the side of the Iraqis!  If we see that their government cannot handle big decisions, then what else can we do for them?  Though the political battle over Iraq in Congress is often insincere and callous, it’s only going to get worse unless the Iraqi government can prove that it cannot only run a military, but run a country too.

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Rudy Foes Take Message Outside the Boroughs

Posted by Mike on July 12, 2007

Shallow smear jobs against Rudy Giuliani have been commonplace in New York City’s artsy neighborhoods for years now, but they have largely been confined there. Now that he is running for President as a Republican however, the smear campaign has been stepped up and spread out to the rest of the country. One union group in particular, the International Association of Firefighters, is hellbent on destroying the Mayor with absurd claims that Rudy’s heroic leadership on September 11, 2001 exists only in the candidate’s own mind.

Jim Geraghty at the Campaign Spot has an amusing rebuttal to the thug union’s latest smear video, complete with liberal praise for the Mayor before they knew he would be standing in She Who Must Not Be Named’s way to the White House. My favorite smear was when they tried to blame Rudy for “failures” which occurred in 1993, you know the year before he became Mayor.

At this point, liberal fears have been focused on Fred Thompson but Rudy scares them too. They know that his record versus their rhetoric is a battle they cannot win. That is why they are attempting to rewrite history. The problem for the them is that September 11 was only six years ago. Although many people seem to have forgotten, most have not.  With Bush off the ballot in 2008, national security in general will become a major issue again.  The left does not want to fight on that issue when their opponent is Rudy Giuliani.

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Lady Bird Johnson (1912-2007)

Posted by Mike on July 12, 2007

Lady Bird Johnson, former First Lady of the United States, passed away yesterday at the age of 94. She will be fondly remembered not only for her time in the White House, but also for her commitment to beautifying America. Texans in particular will think of her every time her wildflowers blanket their beautiful state. Lady Bird was a gracious woman who loved her country. May she rest in peace.

Austin American-Statesman photo.

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