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Big Brother 8: Carol Evicted

Posted by Mike on July 12, 2007

Earlier tonight, the group inside the Big Brother house grew a little smaller when Carol became the first houseguest to be evicted. Sitting on the block alongside Amber, she was evicted by a vote of 10-1. I’m generally pleased with this outcome because Carol was quite boring. Amber on the other hand, is usually entertaining because of her constant crying, seems to know what she is doing game wise, and is allies with Joe’s nemesis, Dustin. (As Ryan previously mentioned, Joe has got to go).

There isn’t much to say about Carol both because she is boring and it is so early in the game. However, her departure is significant because she was one of the six houseguests who was forced to play the game with an “enemy.” Her enemy was her old high school rival, Jessica, of whom we will speak no ill because of, um, well, her beaming personality.

With thirteen houseguests now remaining, the face of the game now changes as Jen replaces Kail as Head of Household. Jen is quite annoying, but hopefully she will nominate Joe and eventually rid him from our television screens. If she does, her stock will rise.

CBS photo

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