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Lady Bird Johnson (1912-2007)

Posted by Mike on July 12, 2007

Lady Bird Johnson, former First Lady of the United States, passed away yesterday at the age of 94. She will be fondly remembered not only for her time in the White House, but also for her commitment to beautifying America. Texans in particular will think of her every time her wildflowers blanket their beautiful state. Lady Bird was a gracious woman who loved her country. May she rest in peace.

Austin American-Statesman photo.


One Response to “Lady Bird Johnson (1912-2007)”

  1. Ryan said

    File her under those I thought had already died. Her profile had been rather low in my lifetime. While first lady she had a beautification project and did not insert herself into the politics of the day to any great degree. I believe her first name was Claudia (like the article says), but Lyndon liked everyone in the family to be LBJ. Both his kids were LBJ, so Claudia fit in well with a nickname, “Lady Bird” Johnson, to keep the theme going. She was a nice woman who served her country in a decent capacity, who retired to a quiet life, dying some 34 years after her husband.

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