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Rudy Foes Take Message Outside the Boroughs

Posted by Mike on July 12, 2007

Shallow smear jobs against Rudy Giuliani have been commonplace in New York City’s artsy neighborhoods for years now, but they have largely been confined there. Now that he is running for President as a Republican however, the smear campaign has been stepped up and spread out to the rest of the country. One union group in particular, the International Association of Firefighters, is hellbent on destroying the Mayor with absurd claims that Rudy’s heroic leadership on September 11, 2001 exists only in the candidate’s own mind.

Jim Geraghty at the Campaign Spot has an amusing rebuttal to the thug union’s latest smear video, complete with liberal praise for the Mayor before they knew he would be standing in She Who Must Not Be Named’s way to the White House. My favorite smear was when they tried to blame Rudy for “failures” which occurred in 1993, you know the year before he became Mayor.

At this point, liberal fears have been focused on Fred Thompson but Rudy scares them too. They know that his record versus their rhetoric is a battle they cannot win. That is why they are attempting to rewrite history. The problem for the them is that September 11 was only six years ago. Although many people seem to have forgotten, most have not.  With Bush off the ballot in 2008, national security in general will become a major issue again.  The left does not want to fight on that issue when their opponent is Rudy Giuliani.


3 Responses to “Rudy Foes Take Message Outside the Boroughs”

  1. Noonan said

    My two cents on this issue and our liberal northeast candidate:

    1. Best that these criticisms are aired now and not after its too late to avoid giving Rudolph the nomination.

    2. Rudy’s critics are by no means limited to liberals. I’m a conservative, and I hate the RINO. I wouldn’t vote for him with a terrorist’s gun to my head. He’s the sort of Republican who I could see going the route of Jeffords, Whitehouse, or Arnold. He will split the party if he wins. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the day the GOP nominates Rudolph is the day I leave the party.

    3. The firefighters have a point. It is well documented that they asked him for the very first responder equipment for years that he failed to give them. Consequently, heroes lives were needlessly lost on 9/11. Just as Kerry “reported for duty” at the DNC convention in 04, Giuliani has defined himself as a candidate who should be judged on 9/11. Fair point and fair game.

    4. Even if you like him on 9/11 and his attitude on terrorists, he has no military experience, no foreign policy experience, no detailed plans for the war on terror beyond his rhetoric, no real commitment to take the fight against Iraq or Iran, nothing on North Korea, nothing on promoting America’s international stature, no strong stance on foreign trade policy, etc. How exactly is he going to be stronger for our defense?

    5. The Dem nominee will be SWMNBN. He bailed out when getting crushed by her in the 2000 NY senate race, and was too chicken to take her on in 2006 race, (though asked to do so). That lack of backbone will come out if he comes out against her in 08. And he’ll get clobbered again.

  2. Salinger said

    I fundamentally disagree with most of your points, Noonan.

    1) We can all criticize Giuliani for his stances on issues that we collectively feel very passionately about. It does us no good, however, to welcome smear in order to derail his candidacy. A battle won on lies is no victory at all.

    2) Hate is a strong word. I think that Rudy has a lot of admirable traits, and as one who lived in New York City for a time during his mayoral administration, and he was a good solid mayor. While I disagreed with him on much, he always stood for personal integrity. He said what he believed and meant what he said. I will fight hard to ensure he doesn’t get the nomination, but if he does, our nation would be far safer with him than with an Obama, Edwards, Gore, or She Who Must Not Be Named.

    3) The firefighters do not have a point. A mayor has to deal with a budget and make decisions about what is necessary and what is not. Of course, we could give all firefighters armored fire-resistant suits, but the cost of that would be far more than what the city of NY could resonably afford. The city needs to make a determiniation on what is necessary and balacne that against what is practical. In truth, no one has upgraded the first responder gear more than Rudy. The ad itself is a vicious attack that contains factual inaccuracies.

    4) Again, I disagree with your point. The idea that someone needs “Washington Experience” in foreign policy, etc., is always something that has bothered me. Thomas Jefferson, FDR, Woodrow Wilson, all presidents involved in war time, had no military service. Say what you want on Rudy’s positions on issues — and I’ll likely agree — but he does have that leadership quality necessary to lead a country in war time.

    5) This is the point I actually agree with, although there is a difference in him running against SWMNBN in New York State, rather than nationally. Also, I do think it is too early to say conclusively that SWMNBN will be the nominee. There is an uncomfortableness with her in the Democrat party.

  3. Noonan said

    Well, while I agree with you most of the time, I guess this is one topic where I suppose we won’t have a meeting of the minds, and that’s fine. I am not of the mind that a Democrat would be worse than him, from either social policy perspective or, (with the notable exception of Obama whose attitude on the war on terror is infantile), a foreign policy perspective.

    I don’t think the firefighters were saying they wanted armored fire-proof suits for all, but that cheaper more basic equipment was requested and not provided. Yes, budget decisions must be made, but that does not excuse bad ones. I’m not sure what you mean by “factual inaccuracies” in the ad. In any event, these guys are not going away. Should Rudolph get the nomination, the Dems will seize on this as their counterpunch to the Swift Boad ads of 4 years ago.

    The ill-defined and always nebulous “leadership quality” is one that the media will lose interest in and destroy should he get the nomination. I don’t claim “Washington experience” is necessary, (though I think it certainly helps in foreign policy in particular, as does a military background), but without any of that some clear stances would go a long ways towards demonstrating credibility and competence.

    One other x-factor to consider as to him being particularly unelectable is that its looking increasingly likely that Bloomberg may run. Because of their similar social stances and NY support base, I think Bloomberg would siphon more support from Giuliani than other Republicans. He may not run, but its looking like he might.

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