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Democrats Silencing Democrats

Posted by Ryan on July 13, 2007

If you haven’t heard already, John “Polly Prissy Pants” Edwards and She Who Must Not Be Named were caught by open microphones trying to coordinate the dumping of all the lower tier candidates from future debates yesterday.  What an obnoxious public display of hyprocricy at the NAACP Presidential Forum!  What about SWMNBN’s embrace of the “Fairness Doctrine,” allowing us all to hear every side of political speech through government dictate?  Oh, well.

Whereas Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich have absolutely no chance of getting the nomination (add Joe Biden and Chris Dodd to that list), their point of view and people that they represent should be heard at this early stage of the game.  The Republicans have the quaint Ron Paul folks, but we put up with them because as out of touch as he is, he has a modest and dedicated online fanbase of paleocons.  Maybe in November ’07 they can get the ax, but that should be up to the venue, not the candidates as to who is or is not on the stage at any given debate! 

I also noticed how Barack O’Bama was not part of the covert chat and that SWMNBN and Edwards engaged in.  Hmm…  SWMNBN knows that Edwards sucks up some of her votes, but that O’Bama is her real competition (O’Bama hasn’t yet sent his wife to use Annie C to bolster his campaign).  Since SWMNBN’s female and sometimes uses big words to convince the masses she’s the smartest woman in the world, she can outwit Edwards in the long-run.  That’s a tougher sell on O’Bama.  We all know they want to eliminate the background noise and many followers of the forums/debates have hoped for that for a while now, but as a candidate you can’t say it!  Perhaps, SWMNBN just created a Republican campaign commercial for next year.  Of course that’s assuming the Republicans are savvy enough to use it.

Here’s the Drudge-linked story.

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