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North Korea: Don’t Trust, but Still Verify

Posted by Ryan on July 15, 2007

According to Gary at Team America, there are three kinds of people in this world: and we know which kind Kim Jung-(mentally)-Il is!  That being said, news that North Korea has temporarily halted its nuclear reactors after receiving some much needed oil shipments comes to me as being suspect.  I don’t trust North Korea or the ability of the IAEA to take a tough stand if a violation were to occur.  “Don’t trust but verify” should be the mantra from five of the six-party talkers when it comes to dealing with this maniac.  It all seems fine after this little step, but the minute North Korea gets sketchy, Dubya and crew need to pull back on our end.  I have a feeling we’ll take three steps for every two North Korea takes, to our detriment, and call it progress.  We can’t make the same mistakes with these guys as the Clinton’s did back in the 1990s.

IMDB picture.

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