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More Gloom and Doom on Iraq

Posted by Ryan on July 17, 2007

Predictably, on the eve of the Democrat grandstanding with an all-night Iraq debate, this CNN article is full of doom and gloom, showing one side of the story (of course) and taking every opportunity to show how horrible America has been to the Iraqis.  But I noticed something about this article that disturbs me a bit.  It wasn’t the unscientific polling data, it wasn’t the biased interview snips, it wasn’t even the personal stories towads the end– that’s all standard CNN boilerplate.  What bothered me was the sentiment that they seem to blame America for everything, but also don’t seem to want us to leave.  It was one person’s opinion in the article, but it seems to actually reflect the current situation:  people are upset, but feel like they don’t have the power to change things, which is reflected in the lack of political movement we’ve seen out of Baghdad lately.  I have to believe that it’s a historical and cultural thing that we must overcome. 

This also reminds me of a post from a few months ago.  It seems like the Iraqis don’t want us to leave on a practical and strategic level:  the Shiites need us for stability; the Sunnis realize that they’ll be the brunt of the humanitarian disaster if we leave too soon; the Kurds like us in general; and al Qaeda loves a spectacular bombing of anyone anywhere, especially Americans.  The truth is that despite whoever wins the debate in Washington this week, if the Iraqi parliament doesn’t start showing some major legislative results, then I cannot see how the even limited popular support for the war perseveres past the Petraeus report in September.

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Choose Your Generation

Posted by Mike on July 17, 2007

Nothing is more American than the idea that we are not who we are because of who gave birth to us, but because of the choices we make. The Brazen Careerist has taken this concept and applied it to generations. No longer do baby boomers have to be stuck with the other spoiled brats in their birth generation. No longer are cranky old people who chase children from their lawn automatically lumped into the Greatest Generation. We can choose our own.  Sorry Ryan, millennial is not an option.

Since I’m approaching one of those life milestones, I wholeheartedly accept this idea and am proud to say that I am now a member of Generation Y.

Hat tip: Michael Graham

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