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Choose Your Generation

Posted by Mike on July 17, 2007

Nothing is more American than the idea that we are not who we are because of who gave birth to us, but because of the choices we make. The Brazen Careerist has taken this concept and applied it to generations. No longer do baby boomers have to be stuck with the other spoiled brats in their birth generation. No longer are cranky old people who chase children from their lawn automatically lumped into the Greatest Generation. We can choose our own.  Sorry Ryan, millennial is not an option.

Since I’m approaching one of those life milestones, I wholeheartedly accept this idea and am proud to say that I am now a member of Generation Y.

Hat tip: Michael Graham

6 Responses to “Choose Your Generation”

  1. Ryan said

    I scored a 9, making me a Gen Xer! And you’re older than me Mike!

    My students actually hate being called Generation Y. They think it makes them inferior to Gen X, who they don’t like much.

  2. Sarah said

    Dearest Mike,

    I scored Gen X and I just turned 26. Yo OMG! I like totally can’t believe we lost you to Gen Y! WTF?!? IDK about you, IDK! Give my regards to your BFF.

    POS!!! Gotta go!!!

  3. Mike said



  4. Hi, Mike. Thanks for linking to the quiz on Brazen Careerist. Maybe I should lose a few points myself because I can’t tell what the comment above this one says…


  5. Chris said

    I also scored a 9 on the quiz, making me a proud Gen Xer!

  6. Amara said


    I scored 8 on so I guess that makes me a Gen X, man I’m old school!

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