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A Sober Memory for Ted “Fins” Kennedy

Posted by Ryan on July 18, 2007

On the evening of July 18, 1969, Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy, brother of the late President John Kennedy and also of the late New York Senator Robert Kennedy drove his car off a small bridge on Chappaquiddick Island near Martha’s Vineyard after leaving a party with a woman who was not his wife.  He escaped, wandered around here and there for approximately ten hours before returning to the scene, only to find out that his passenger, 28 year old Mary Jo Kopechne, had drowned.  In Massachusetts, leaving the scene of an accident, death resulting, was commonly prosecuted as second degree murder. 

Ted walked away unscathed, a little wet, probably relieved that Mary Jo’s family lawyers refused an autopsy, and with no jail time.  But we haven’t walked away from the fact that this man’s name kept this negligent murderer out of jail.  So, occasionally we still refer to Ted as “Fins”, the “Cape Cod Orca”, “Hiccup”, or any of a plethora of nicknames in order to keep this memory alive to those who may not know or remember.  Politicians should not be above the law.  This incident did have one good outcome– Ted could never seriously be a real candidate for President, though he tried in 1980 (that was against Jimmah, though).  But just think, however, since then the people of Massachusetts have reelected him SIX times. 

Pic from Mostly Cajun blog.

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Harry Reid’s Slumber Party

Posted by Ryan on July 18, 2007

The Senate Dems staged an all-night session to grandstand on Iraq and it failed.  After all the hot air, Harry “The Body” Reid’s stunt did not get enough Republican votes for the 60 votes needed for cloture, with a 52-47 vote on stopping debate.  Reid didn’t even authorize this bill from being debated on a later date!  Essentially, it was a self-imposed filibuster that never needed to happen.  Predictably, they tried to blame Republicans for everything, but this is a Reid and Democrat failure.  If the American people really wanted this to happen, it would have happened, just like the immigration nonsense from a month ago. 

With even a Zogby poll saying that 83% of over 1000 likely voters are displeased with the Democrat controlled Congress, I’m actually still very shocked that the Democrats are still glued to the left-wing fringe that keeps harping on them about cut-and-running in Iraq (by the way that’s a 17% approval rating).  I believe that most Americans are tired of the Iraq War, but I also believe that we’re smart enough to believe that a preciptious exit will be ugly, as we’re just as likely to be in Iraq fighting Iran or al Qaeda again a few years down the road anyway. 

But, the way the Dems are handling this is insane:  threaten to defund the war, trying to force our troops home by running the war as a committee (always a bad idea), threatening to pull the rug out from under Petraeus before he’s done, and all while not following through on any of it!  

How must they feel after this news today about AL QAEDA’s senior member in Iraq being captured and interrogated by US troops?  I thought Iraq was a distraction from the War on Terror?  You can’t win with these people, but I just hope these people won’t be able to win next year!

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“Bad Newz” for Michael Vick

Posted by Ryan on July 18, 2007

Michael Vick is in trouble.  He managed to stay clear of trouble with his bong at the airport a few months ago.  He also managed to keep his job after flipping off his hometown crowd last NFL season in Atlanta (see picture below).  But if things weren’t bad enough for this “up and coming” NFL star, he’s gotten into some serious legal trouble over, of all things, dogfighting! (Did you ever notice that Michael Vick is always portrayed on ESPN and other NFL shows as the next big thing every season, who everyone is going to have to worry about on the field, yet spends half the time injured or moping, and can barely get his team in playoff contention while playing in the junior varsity NFC?)

Getting back to the issues at hand, Vick and three others are in loads of trouble for his organization “Bad Newz Kennels” which sponsored vicious dog fights-to-the-death as early as 2001.  Vick is alleged to have bet up to and around $23,000 on these dogfights.  Eight dogs were killed at the kennel, whose bodies indicated evidence of hangings, drownings, and even poundings of these not-ready-for-prime-time pooches.  ESPN is not optimistic about Vick’s chances to avoid big prosecutorial trouble on his July 26th arraignment date.  Contributing to ESPN’s pessimism is that Vick is being charged with participating, training and sponsoring the dogfights– across state lines, to add!

With Training Camp around the corner, should the NFL continue to let him play?  Probably not.  As bad as these allegations are, they may prove to be false or trumped up.  However, if the judge believes him to be a flight risk, then that’s a different story.  Also, the NFL has pretty strict behavior standards and these allegations are horrible, which will distract him from play this season.

Top pic of the kennel an AP photo.  Second shot from Scared Monkeys, when Vick disagreed with his hometown crowd’s opinion of him!

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