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Big Brother 8: Joe Gets the Boot!

Posted by Ryan on July 19, 2007

America’s favorite recovering gonorrhea victim, Joe, got the boot from Big Brother 8 just a few minutes ago!  This was expected by many, since Eric (America’s Player) was told by viewer poll results to vote Joe out, and most of the House (9-1) saw the same problems.  He was whiney, devious, passive-aggressive, and generally unpleasant from day one in the Big Brother household.  I wanted him out from the beginning and it only took two weeks to get rid of him.  Phew!

In another stroke of luck, the person up on the chopping block with Joe this week became Head of Household, which means he’s immune from eviction next week and has to nominate two people to duke it out this coming week on the chopping block.  “Evel” Dick won the competition making what is sure to be a very predictable week– as indicated by the spontaneous eruption of delight by all but two of the House Guests.  Dick is going after Kail and Jen.  Simple, predictable, direct, and a relief to all but those two.

CBS photo.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is Almost Here!

Posted by Ryan on July 19, 2007

No, I did not read the New York Slimes review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but at midnight tomorrow we’ll all know the fate of everybody’s favorite young wizard without the benefit of cheating.  Actually, “” is being sued by Scholastic because it released the book Tuesday, breaching their contract and causing the flood of spoilers to hit the Internet.  I have no idea what’s going to happen in the novel.  I have certain ideas on where the story will go, but I’m not sure enough to go on record like those on Mugglenet (graciously, a spoiler-free site). 

Why all the excitement?  Everyone has their own story.  I only got into Harry Potter two years ago.  I read the first book because I wanted to stay on top of the buzz back in college, saw the movie, and wasn’t too into it.  The second movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, was pretty good.  But the third movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was really cool (I loved the Ringwraith-looking Dementors), stylish and the story started to get dark.  Gone were the days of “wow, this is magic?!?”  Then, the fourth movie was set for release in 2005.  Many of my friends had read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and thought it was awesome.  So, I gave it a shot.  Also, my youngest niece was starting to read the books, so we read them together.  It was great, not as juvenile as the movies, and full of depth and adventure!  Also, I went to a private high school steeped in tradition so I can relate to aspects of their school life at Hogwarts.  Book 5 rocked with political intrigue and Harry starting to act like my own 15-16 year old students.  Book 6 may be the best so far–I believe that it could get an “R” rating.

But, why does everyone else like it?  Good story-telling sells.  It’s about Harry Potter and his friends dealing with various crises in the Wizarding world.  Each book catalogs each year at the wizarding high school, Hogwarts.  They go to high school for seven years, from age 11 to 17.  Deathly Hallows will finish the series, being Harry’s last year at the famed school.  JK Rowling draws upon Hero Myth archetypes as well as Tolkien did (who’s heavily influenced every fantasy writer since 1955) and draws the reader into the life of a teenager in a clever and unique world with a perilous mission.  It’s a great read and very complex; she doesn’t dumb down the complexities for the younger audience, rather creates a story that can hit you on two levels.  Also, with each new book, the previous ones get better because the pieces start falling together, leading to multiple reads of each book!

Because this book is the last of the series, it’s going to affect Axis of Right over the next few days:  I’ll be traveling tomorrow and Saturday, Mike’s on a total media blackout because of the Slimes and a bunch of other spoilers all over the Internet and TV news, while Salinger, well, he comes and goes so we’ll see.

WARNING: If you don’t want any spoilers do NOT enter our comments until you’ve read the book.

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