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Big Brother 8: Joe Gets the Boot!

Posted by Ryan on July 19, 2007

America’s favorite recovering gonorrhea victim, Joe, got the boot from Big Brother 8 just a few minutes ago!  This was expected by many, since Eric (America’s Player) was told by viewer poll results to vote Joe out, and most of the House (9-1) saw the same problems.  He was whiney, devious, passive-aggressive, and generally unpleasant from day one in the Big Brother household.  I wanted him out from the beginning and it only took two weeks to get rid of him.  Phew!

In another stroke of luck, the person up on the chopping block with Joe this week became Head of Household, which means he’s immune from eviction next week and has to nominate two people to duke it out this coming week on the chopping block.  “Evel” Dick won the competition making what is sure to be a very predictable week– as indicated by the spontaneous eruption of delight by all but two of the House Guests.  Dick is going after Kail and Jen.  Simple, predictable, direct, and a relief to all but those two.

CBS photo.

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