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A Liberal’s Worst Nightmare!

Posted by Ryan on July 20, 2007

Doom and gloom fills the minds of Libs throughout America and the world as their worst nightmare comes to fruition!  For a few hours tomorrow morning, President Bush is going to temporarily cede power to Vice President Dick Cheney according to Section 3 of the 25th Amendment!  Bush is going in for a routine colonoscopy, but I’m sure Libs everywhere are praying (to whatever it is that they pray to) that Dubya wakes up.  What an irony!

So I guess in those few hours we’ll be:

  • bombing Iran, North Korea, and France,
  • torturing people just for kicks,
  • creating the Republic of Halliburton out in the Mideast somewhere,
  • setting up hasty elections in Florida and Ohio just to make sure blacks don’t vote in them, and
  • implanting a chip in Bush’s brain while he’s under anethesia just to make it official.

Oh yes, things will be different, my Liberal friends, when Cheney’s in charge!  HA-ah-ah-ah!!!

AP Photo.

4 Responses to “A Liberal’s Worst Nightmare!”

  1. Braden said

    I can’t wait. Cheney’s kind of a jerk, but he knows how to get results!

  2. BillT said

    Heh, funny. Funnier photo.

  3. Chris said

    A new book about Cheney (a biography by Cheney’s official biographer, Stephen Hayes) comes out tomorrow and it looks to be an interesting read.

  4. Chris said

    My coding didn’t pick up the link, so I’ll try again and give the title:
    Cheney: The Untold Story of America’s Most Controversial and Powerful Vice President .

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