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Newt’s Straight Talk

Posted by Ryan on July 24, 2007

I think Newt has a point in his latest comments, this time smacking up the viable Republican Presidential candidates (hence, it gets MSM press).  Among the things he says, he points out:

  • None of the candidates in Newt’s view have a real chance to beat a She Who Must Not Be Named/ O’Bama ticket
  • The debates are a farce, like looking at trained seals begging for fish
  • McCain is going to bail out when he gets the federal mathcing funds
  • Fred Thompson has generated excitement, but Newt’s still looking for Fred to do something

It well known that I like Newt and his ideas about how to make America work again in a pragmatically conservative way.  I also know that he is most likely unelectable nationally, but his presense in this race could be an earthquake to the current crop.  He’ll try his best to point out everyone’s faults from a conservative point of view and get an incredible amount of press for doing so.  The press would not focus on his ideas, but the fact that he’d nail everyone’s conservative credentials except for Duncan Hunter, who he doesn’t respect as an “electable” candidate.  

However, Newt isn’t the perfect conservative either, but he’ll at least envigorate the debate back to the outside-the-beltway view of limited government, strong defense, and personal liberty.  Lately, he’s been the only one not to pussyfoot around the uselessness of these debates to foment discussion on real ideas and plans on how to keep America great, as his latest statements indicate.

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Last Word on “Deathly Hallows”

Posted by Ryan on July 24, 2007


I finished reading the latest Harry Potter book  in a psychotically small amount of time and now know how it all turns out.  I will not ruin anything for those of you who have not yet read it, but I implore you to get a move on!  There’s shock, adventure, quest, and everything else you’ve come to expect from JK Rowling in perhaps her best, most satisfying book of the series.  I’m going to give it another full read.  It’s definitely the last one, as JK Rowling has said for a long time. 

After all the hype and excitement calms down what are we left with?  A fantasy series that ranks up there with Lord of the Rings and Star Wars as creating a high level of excitement and anticipation for such a long period of time.  We’re left with a great series that has effectively turned kids onto reading for the last decade, though admittedly the last three books have not really been children’s books.  There’s a distinct morality in this tale and a number of Christian images that emerge, on much the same level that JRR Tolkien melded Christian images and ethics into Lord of the Rings.  Rowling’s not Tolkien, no can be, but she’s up there with Tolkien and the other great British writers for the quality, depth and message of her over 4000-page, seven book tale, that is now (finally) complete.

Time picture.

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