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NBA Scandal

Posted by Mike on July 25, 2007

A crooked NBA official? I am just so . . . shocked.  NBA games always seemed so fair; the calls, so down-the-middle.  This can’t be right.

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2007 Perspective vs. 2008 Perspective

Posted by Mike on July 25, 2007

I did not watch the last Democrat debate because I was not in the mood to listen to the same old liberal nonsense for two hours. However, I did manage to catch news coverage of the debate, especially coverage of the clash between Barack Obama and She Who Must Not Be Named over some moonbat’s dream of a future Democrat President taking a whirlwind tour of tin-pot dictatorships during her first year in office.

Those who saw the debate or subsequent analysis will recall that upon hearing the question, Obama obediently promised to meet with such foreign leaders. Shrewdly, SWMNBN disagreed. At one point (either during the debate or afterward), she even called that promise naive. Although she was open to meetings with hostile nations such as Iran and Cuba, she would only agree to do so if something meaningful could be achieved at those meetings. This response drew praise from commentators on both sides of the political spectrum. Many of these pundits claimed that SWMNBN’s response helped bolster her credentials as a responsible candidate. I agree with this assessment.

The exchange certainly benefited SWMNBN; however, it also illustrated my long-held belief that the Republican candidates are in much better shape than the MSM, Democrats and even some Republicans give them credit for. SWMNBN’s position on diplomacy is not all that different than George W. Bush’s position. Like SWMNBN at the debate, Bush has repeatedly stated that he is willing to meet with leaders of other nations, but only if such meetings would be constructive. The media often criticizes Bush for this position, but they praised SWMNBN for holding what is essentially the same view. Some of this double standard can be attributed to mere media bias, but there is another reason.

That reason is the Bush brand. Whenever the President opens his mouth, people tend to disregard what he says, even when they agree with the substance of what he says.  The fact that people are simply over George W. Bush acts as a kind of filter which prevents them from even contemplating the common sense in the words they agree with.  Bush and SWMNBN have the same position on diplomacy.  They hear her but not him.

Sensing this dynamic for a while now, Democrats have successfully capitalized on the Bush brand to create their current generic advantage; however, their advantage is merely that: generic. For years now, the Democrats have successfully run against George W. Bush but come February or so, they will be unable to do that because the leader of the currently leaderless Republican Party will be someone other than George W. Bush and someone unconnected to his administration.

In 2008, the Republican nominee will be in a position to articulate conservative ideas without the Bush baggage. That person will have an advantage on taxes. That person will have an advantage on the role of government. That person will have an advantage on the War on Terror. That person will even an advantage on the Iraq front to the War on Terror (Remember, she supported the war too and even bragged about it while it was unpopular). Whether the nominee of our party is Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, or Newt Gingrich, that candidate will have more popular ideas on his side and will be unconnected to George W. Bush because in case you haven’t noticed, all four men can claim the “Washington outsider” label for all or most of the last eight years.

Come February 2008, the Republican Party will have a new leader. At that point, people are more likely to pay attention to the substance of what that Republican is saying and compare it to the substance of what the Democrat is saying on a wide range of issues. When that becomes the dynamic around February, things will look much different than they do now.

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You Tube’s George Patton Speech

Posted by Ryan on July 25, 2007

This YouTube video uses George C. Scott’s speech in the movie Patton and remakes it into a War on Terror speech!  Watch it.  It’s funny, frank, and puts things into historical perspective, which is highly lacking from both sides right now– the Dems ignore history and the Republicans don’t bring it up enough.  It’s about a seven minute speech. 

Hat Tip Fox News.  Pic from

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