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Oscar the Cat

Posted by Ryan on July 26, 2007

I don’t really like cats, being much more of a dog fan.  I’ve only met a few cats that I genuinely like.  To me, they seem very self-interested, using you for food and warmth and tend to get used to you more than truly like you.  Dogs are pretty dumb comparatively, but they love attention and show a high level of unconditional affection back to their owner.  Yet, the argument between cats and dogs is an age old one that will not be solved here.

But, I digress.

However, sometimes pets can do extraordinary things.  This story out of the UK’s Daily Mail puts a different spin on a cat few would be happy to see under normal circumstances.  Two-year old Oscar the cat lives and has free reign in Rhode Island’s Steere Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence (no pun intended).  Oscar’s just a normal everyday cat except for one thing:  he happens to cozy up next to patients who have only about four hours to live and has been eerily accurate in his sense of death coming– more so than some of the doctors! 

Can Oscar really tell when someone’s about to die, or is something else going on?  Is this unique to an animal who’s spent his entire life in this environment where people come in and die on a regular basis?  Maybe we can put a Republican Elephant and a Democrat Jackass into a room and see whose lap Oscar jumps on!  Just kidding, but this is kind of spooky.  Some people think animals have an extra sense that humans have lost in our thousands of years of civilization which deals with these kinds of things.  Maybe, but many families of the dying have come to appreciate Oscar, so he seems to be serving a good purpose.

AP photo.

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