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Republican’s Lost Nerve on Iraq

Posted by Ryan on July 26, 2007

This New York Post article outlines something that has been very frustrating to me, as a supporter of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Baghdad Security Plan (aka the Surge).  Its author, Ralph Peters, has been on many talking-head shows on many cable networks complaining about how the Iraq War has been handled since Saddam’s topple.  Yet, he believes General David Petraeus is the best commander with the best plan we’ve had there since the summer of 2003, when General Tommy Franks left.

But the problem he cites is not one in Iraq, which has been getting substantively better over the last three months, but with Washington and the MSM talking about the successes.  I’ve given up on the MSM giving Iraq a fair shake in their reporting, but the Republicans in Washington have lost their nerve and, according to Peters, are too afraid to talk-up the Surge in strong language for fear of being edged out of earmarks for their districts. 

Maybe, but this reminds me of the late 1990s Republicans: too afraid to stand up on principle for fear of being ridiculed by Clinton and the MSM.  Yet, this time, our loved ones are over there fighting to squash al-Qaeda in Iraq– a battle al Qaeda has to win even more than we do in order to keep their reputation in the radical Islamic world.  This time BJ Clinton is nowhere and his shrill wife, She Who Must Not Be Named, is 1/5th the politician he was.  So why are Republicans afraid to speak up, not just on Iraq but also on other issues?  Could it be from a lack of leadership at the top?  Maybe, but I’d like to start seeing at least one party in Congress have a spine.

One Response to “Republican’s Lost Nerve on Iraq”

  1. BillT said

    It isn’t spinelessness. I think the issue is that the naysayers, after years of support from the dinosaur media and screaming leftist moneybags, finally have driven home the lie that we can’t win. I know good, solid people who believe that to be true now.

    Republicans see the trends and aren’t willing to lose elections to buck it. That’s called opportunism, not cowardice. In either case, it is wrong.

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