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John Edwards Finally Got It

Posted by Mike on July 27, 2007

This alone won’t win him the nomination, but John “Gilderoy Lockhart” Edwards finally mastered the political maneuver necessary for his political survival.  He has finally co-opted She Who Must Not Be Named’s “I’d rather discuss issues without actually discussing issues” play.

The gist of this political play is that the liberal who must hide his/her/its political positions must first capitalize on an amusing but ultimately meaningless headline and then cry hysterically something like “This is ridiculous and a waste of time. I’d rather talk about health care, jobs, the environment etc.” In the process of course, they do not and would never discuss their proposals for such issues because their proposals involve unpopular solutions such as more regulations, higher taxes and intrusive government control. But by whining that they would rather discuss the issues rather than actually discussing the issues, the liberal creates the illusion that they are competent on said issues. When this play is used against a spineless Republican, it works.  If the Republican focuses on issues, not so much.

In this clip, Silky Pony capitalized on his haircuts which cost about the same as six iPods by whining about health care and the poor without mentioning the unpopular details of his proposals. He finally got it. It might not be enough, but he finally got it.

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Man Up Republicans!

Posted by Mike on July 27, 2007

It’s only a debate. It’s only a debate sponsored by the Communist News Network. It’s only a debate moderated by Anderson Cooper. So what on earth is this nonsense I’m reading on the internets? According to the Washington Compost, several Republican candidates are talking about skipping the upcoming YouTube CNN debate.

According to Mitt Romney, there is little dignity in Presidential candidates answering questions from Frosty the Snowman. No argument here. However, there is also little dignity in answering questions from just about any journalist. Just about all of them will be hostile toward Republicans after lobbing softballs toward Democrats. Just about all of them will display the intellectual depth of a teletubby. Remember Chrissy Matthews; even worse, remember Wolf Blitzer? Our candidates should not be looking for a forum worthy of a Presidential candidate. They need to work with the system we have.

And for the love Jesus they should not act like Democrats and avoid fora with hostile questions. Conservative ideas are grounded in common sense and are popular with American people. There is nothing to hide. Moreover, it’s not as if our candidates could be stumped by anything a liberal blogger or Anderson Cooper has to say. And if any of our candidates are incapable of winning a battle of wits with Anderson Cooper, then GOP voters need to know about it before February.

It’s often been said that a Democrat who is afraid of Brit Hume does not deserve the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The same is true of a Republican who is too much of a silly nanny to stand up to Anderson Cooper. Man up GOP.

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Real Reefer Madness!!!

Posted by Ryan on July 27, 2007

You mean there’s a price to pay for using mind-altering drugs?

(Potheads around the nation stir like somebody might have said something.)

I guess so.  Even with pot, apparently.  Your risks for a psychotic mental illness increase substantially with even one use of marijuana.  It’s still actually a small percentage in the end, but many studies over the years have come to the conclusion that there is potentially a huge price to pay for even smoking a little pot down the road.  There’s about two hundred “I told you so’s” I could list (you know who you are), but I won’t. 

(Cue the potheads: “huh?”)

The scientists also indicate, that despite a popular myth, the vast majority of pot smokers try other drugs and these may be causing the uptick in psychotic disorders.  Not measly anxiety or bipolar issues, but schizophrenia, etc.  Also, people who are prone to psychotic disorders may be attracted to the sensation pot gives them, but not every schizophrenic patient had smoked pot before.  What they know is that pot messes with dopamine, the brain chemical which naturally causes euphoria and also the chemical burned up by opiates like morphine and heroin, leading to horrible addiction to those drugs since your body no longer naturally produces it. 

Potheads I know are lazy, overweight and blame other people for their problems.  I qualify potheads as those who do it at least once a week.  While many have tried it in high school or college or have been peer pressured into experimentation, the indications are that it’s still bad for you, but being addicted is even worse.

(Cue the potheads again, “You can’t get addicted to pot.  I could stop any time I want.  I just don’t want to.”) 


Pic from Shaffer Library of Drug Policy.

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