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The 9/11 Commission Lives On

Posted by Ryan on July 28, 2007

I’ve had a problem with the 9/11 Commission since they came out with their findings over the summer of 2004.  Jamie Gorelick was on the “liberal” side of the panel (this incessant need for balance on our intelligence panels will probably kill people one day.  When I was a kid back in the 1980s, we had “non-partisan” panels).  Gorelick should have recused herself based upon her actions in implementing the “wall” between our intelligence agencies pre-9/11.  She had a vested interest in justifying her actions and making herself look better to history.  The panel played into this by overlooking “Operation Able Danger” which would have made Gorelick and the Clinton Administration look quite derelict in their duties during the 1990s when Mohammed Atta was named by our intelligence agencies as a threat, though we were unable to act.  I think that detail is kind of important.

So, the Democrat House passed many of the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations in a blatant way to try to look tough on security issues.  As noted above, I am suspect of a commission that did not use all the information necessary and available, that had members on it with self-interested goals, and omitted crucial information from the final report.  Roughly 80% of the recommendations are law and most of them make sense, but the hopes that the Democrats put into that commission demonstrates their insecurity on security. 

One Response to “The 9/11 Commission Lives On”

  1. rightonoz said

    My time away has exposed me once again to the realities of 9/11 and the impact of our actions since.

    I hate to say this, however I feel strongly as a result of what I have seen in the past month or so that there is the very real possibility of another 9/11 style incident this year, but then I’m not really saying anything that’s not already been said.

    Obviously agencies in the US, UK and down here are attempting to prevent this, however there is a lack of ability to directly attack those planning the atrocities.

    While Musharif may have taken one little step recently there remains too much he is not doing and too many obstacles to our taking the initiative against these people who are DEFINITELY in Pakistan and DEFINITELY in a reasonably well defined locale.

    All the political posturing by the left in the US and Oz will not have one iota of effect on the outcome. Obviously if the unthinkable does happen, they will attempt to use it for cheap political gain.

    I believe we are entering an important period that will either result in a win of sorts (there can be no clear cut victory) or a debacle.

    Too many in both Iraq and Afghanistan are tired of our presence and the fact that they are being caught in the middle between the terrorists they DO NOT SUPPORT and our troops who can only fight back with the resources they have against an enemy who have on concerns about using civilians as shields then use the inevitable deaths as propaganda. While many appreciate the initial action we took (more in Afghanistan than Iraq)we have become bogged down and outstayed our welcome, even those troops directly involved in community projects and training. Sweeping statements, but based on direct contact with those who would normally be on our side.

    Not intending to insult the US, however I am even more convinced that Bush and Cheney are the wrong people to be heading the US in this critical time, Bush because he lacks the intellect to grasp the critical issues in the depth required, and take anything other than simplistic knee jerk actions (and lacks the ability to stand up the Cheney) and Cheney because he is too stubborn and arrogant… I could go into some depth. Having said that, there is no one on the Dem side who would even get a look in.

    Having made those statements there is one other issue that has become even more clear.

    I would suggest we bear a thought for our guys over there who have been trained in most part a soldiers to fight a defined enemy.

    Even for those trained in counter-insurgency work the strain of always having to think if the man/woman approaching is just a civilian or is going to blow themselves and you up, pull a pistol and shoot you in the back of the head…, does the bag contain groceries or explosives.. the opportunities to become a statistic are just too many and constant. If understood in full by families at home could well become an unbearable strain on many.

    While we may disagree on many issues, including the rights and wrongs of Iraq in particular, there can be no reasonable person (I hope) who does not wholeheartedly support and respect the men and women who face this reality every day and night of their deployment.

    While I have been all too vocal on my thoughts on established religion in the past, those of us who find strength in in prayer should certainly devote thought and prayer for the safe return of everyone’s fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. It is important to remember they are not just troops but everyday people and family members, who while doing their duty to the utmost would far rather be home with friends and loved ones. This was brought home to me with all too defining clarity.

    enough said.

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