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Gordon Brown’s US Debut

Posted by Ryan on July 30, 2007

New British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had his first joint press conference with President Bush at Camp David this morning and guess what?  They got along on all the foreign policy issues that matter, including Iraq, Iran and the overall War on Terror!  Brown sounded outright hawkish on the nature of terrorism and the will to keep fighting with vigor.  Also, as a complete slap in the face to Liberals here and across the Pond, Brown said, “we should acknowledge the debt the world owes the United States in its leadership in this fight against international terrorism.”  Well, hot damn!  Thanks!

On Iraq, the southern areas near Basra that the British control will see troop withdrawals based upon, of all things, progress on the ground!  Sounds a lot like our plan, working faster in Basra because it’s ethincally homogenous and smaller than the area America controls.

Overall, a surprisingly positive meeting with Bush.  They seem to get along well and share a mutual respect.  A good start in my opinion, especially since Britain and America are still on the same page about finding and destroying the great evil of our day.  In another surprise, the British people had shown growing disdain toward Tony Blair because of Iraq, yet Brown comes over to America to chat with the sinister GWB.  One would think that he’d give Bush a piece of his mind, yet he realizes that the reality on the ground is that neither the US or UK can just get up and leave Iraq or shirk from our responsibilities in combatting terrorism.  It was big of Brown to be honest with us all despite the potential political repercussions at home.

AP photo.

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