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Tragedy on the Mississippi

Posted by Ryan on August 2, 2007

The westbound bridge of Interstate 35 collapsed at 6:05pm (CDT) yesterday in Minneapolis killing at least 4 and seriously injuring at least 79 others as cars, trucks and people fell about 65 feet to the Mississippi River below.  Though early, these low statistics seem nearly miraculous when one sees the damage and realizes that this happened at the height of rush hour traffic.  Alas, last evening’s rescue mission is turning into a recovery mission as the likelihood of more survivors dwindles each passing moment. 

Personally, I’d never seen anything like this without an act of God like an earthquake, tornado or hurricane.  I had first heard about the collapse on the road home from Best Buy.  I had just bought 300 and turned on the Mark Levin radio show here in the New York area on 77 WABC when he tried to describe the images he saw on TV.  His reaction was much the same as mine when I arrived at about 8pm EDT.  A truck was on fire, a correspondent was talking about a school bus tragedy avoided, and the sheer size of the destruction was surreal.

There was no evidence of terrorism involved in the bridge’s sudden collapse, though it was my first impulse.  The bridge was classified as “structurally deficient” nearly two years ago, but funding for transportation is pretty thin in Minnesota.  If it was improper funding and lackadaisical functionaries that held up funds or dilly-dallied in completing the upkeep, then heads will roll and the political fallout will be huge in Minnesota!  I’m sure by the end of the week someone will blame Republican tax cutting or even President Bush for this as the reason for the collapse, though now our hearts should be with the families of the dead and wounded.  I hope the politicians can at least wait until the talking-head shows Sunday morning before turning this political.

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