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Big Brother 8: Nick Evicted

Posted by Mike on August 3, 2007

Sorry ladies and dudes of the Marcellas persuasion, but Nick was evicted from the Big Brother House last night by a vote of 6-2. Kail survived the block once again and is now one of ten contestants remaining in the game.

What lesson should should future BB contestants learn from Nick’s departure? Simple. If you are going to form an alliance with everyone in the house, make sure that you don’t let it slip to everyone in the house.

As for the Head of Household competition, the result was not revealed on last night’s broadcast because it was an endurance competition. Axis of Right never posts current pop culture spoilers on the front page; however, I will reveal the new HOH after the jump. Although I won’t post the new HOH’s name until after the jump, I’ll give you a hint as to how the competition went down: Whaddup Kaysar!

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CBS photo

SPOILER WARNING: HOH spoiler after the jump and possibly in the comments.

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How are YOUR Bridges?

Posted by Ryan on August 3, 2007

With the death toll rising to 6 in the I-35 bridge collapse, ABC News’ “The Blotter” has a list of the 20 worst heavily travelled bridges in the USA.  Half of the bridges are in New Jersey and California!

In my state of New Jersey here are where the big problem bridges are:

  • The Rte 21 Bridge over I-80 with about 518,000 commuters daily:  49% sufficiency
  • The Raritan River Smith Street Bridge with about 205,000 commuters daily:  20% sufficiency
  • The Elizabeth River Bridge over the Garden State Parkway with about 198,000 commuters daily:  24% sufficiency
  • The Port Reading Bridge over Grove Ave with about 192,000 commuters daily:  27% sufficiency

I live pretty close to all of these bridges and have gone over all of them at least once.  I would have no idea that they were in such dire need.  With tolls everywhere and a stiff gasoline tax in New Jersey how can this be?  It has nothing to do with my state’s budget, in my opinion, it’s the inefficiency of the government to get results using the people’s money in the most effective way.  Minnesota had the same problem.  With a $2.1 billion projected budget surplus, money was not a problem with fixing the I-35 bridge, it was a slow and ineffective process that didn’t get money where it was needed to the extent it was needed.  That being said, no one can predict tragedies like this happening the way they did, but precautions can be taken to prevent future problems.

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One Proud Drunk

Posted by Ryan on August 3, 2007

The above picture is from an article on the Smoking Gun, where there are plenty of other pictures like this one.  This particular 41 year old woman was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI).  It was her second time getting caught in three months.  Maybe this one proud drunk should look into some of those meetings!  Just a thought.

Hat tip to Drudge.

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Chaos in the House!

Posted by Ryan on August 3, 2007

Very surreal (which seems to be the word of the week).  Our government is a republic not a one-party puppet dictatorship that makes sure all votes are set as long as the outcome is automatically in their favor.  But our Democrat friends obviously need a civics lesson by their actions and assertions over the last eight months.

The House Democrats tried to push through an amendment to a bill that would give aid and benefits to illegal aliens.  The Republicans wanted a vote to “recommit” the bill to committee because it’s a harmful and ridiculous amendment.  The vote seemed to indicate 215-213 that the motion would go back to committee as the gavel was struck ending the vote. 

This is where the shadiness starts.

The Dems wanted to change the vote until “214-214” became the outcome AFTER THE VOTE HAD OFFICIALLY ENDED, forcing another vote!  The Republicans wanted to adjourn for the evening and re-vote today, but a curious five-minute silence from the chair led to chaos in the House.  The Republicans protested in outrage and all but a few actually left the House floor realizing that a fair vote was not going to take place.  Accordingly the Democrats then struck the record of the first vote out of the official Congressional record, whose absense was evident as of 1am Friday on the official House website!  It finally made it there by this morning as HR 3161: 814-816.  This kind of Stalinist nonsense of re-votes and striking votes from the historical records to save face needs to be challenged by the Republicans and I’m glad they’re stepping up on this issue. 

On top of everything else, this bill attempts to raise taxes and using the money to aid illegal aliens, who by the way, are not citizens and are breaking federal, state and local laws everyday by their mere presense.  We should help them, of course, by showing them the door.  But, the Democrats need a future voting base, so with their political lives in danger down the road, forcing votes like this and even changing their outcomes seems necessary to achieve their desired ends.

Check out Roy Blunt’s response here.

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