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Getting a Little “Green” Thinking about 24

Posted by Ryan on August 4, 2007

I’ve already had about enough of this “carbon neutral” nonsense.  It’s just an excuse for the privileged not to feel guilty about the obtuse lives that they live, and so that us plebes will acquiesce to their almighty (and hapless) perceived aid to the environment.  Like, I didn’t drive my car today, but I burned a tire in the backyard just to make today “neutral.”  Surely this would be OK, right?  It’s all about balance. 

But word’s come out that the show “24” is in on the semantic game and the show is sure to suffer, using less fuel and probably leading to less stuff blowing up!  I felt a little sick when I heard about this.  I love “24” having just finished getting caught up on all six seasons recently, but now I’m getting scared.  The formula goes as follows:

  • Some crazy terrorist/militarist plot exists to bring America down and is exposed before the big act
  • Jack ends up in the mix to thwart the bad guys by any means necessary, to the chargrin of the suits in the intel offices
  • They spend about 12-14 episodes tracking down who they think did it and Jack’s hunch is usually right
  • Having quelled the earlier threat they suddenly realize that the REAL threat is even larger and they have less time to find the true bad guys
  • They make sure that there are enough twists and things blowing up to keep one’s interest throughout the entire season leading up to an exhilirating finale.

But Season 6 fizzled after stage three above and rumors have been confirmed that the new President on “24” is a woman (shades of She Who Must Not Be Named anyone???  I just threw up a little in my mouth).  Going “carbon neutral” is tantamount to going politically correct and if that’s the attitude going into producing Season 7, then what must the plot be like?  “24” has played out the terrorist thread and it’s difficult to see where they’d take Jack next season.  With political correctness seeping from the production rooms and character leaks, I’m worried about taking Jack Bauer’s mythology and tossing it to the dogs to ravage like beasts on the PC altar of shame and mamby-pamby bilge.  I bet Jack doesn’t even torture anyone next season.  For shame!

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“Poor Me” Mom Talks to Romney

Posted by Ryan on August 4, 2007

Drudge posted this Washington Post video about a New Hampshire working mom who happened to have Mitt Romney walk into the diner where she works.  Her big concern is that she pays too much for health insurance and wanted the former Massachusetts governor to address her concerns.  It’s clear that the Washington Compost set her up to ask questions they knew Romney was not going to answer to the mother’s liking– meaning anything short of socialized health care would not do, even suggesting She Who Must Not Be Named’s plan is a real alternative.  Romney spells out what he did in Massachusetts and that it wasn’t perfect but did save Taxachusetts loads of cash.  Predictably, she wasn’t satisfied.  She asked what Romney’s co-pay and deductibles are, simply trying to set him up to vent more of her frustration.  There was not an answer he could give that could satisfy her, and the Compost knew it, using this upset woman for a cheap political hit. 

Health care costs are a real problem, but whining about it doesn’t solve anything.  I had to pay through the roof for my health insurance for years before I landed my current job.  It wasn’t easy, but I persevered.  I made sure that health coverage was always a question I asked when going through the interview/application process, thereby making sure I ended up with a decent plan. 

That being said, her kind of attitude bothers me on many levels.  I made many conscious decisions that affected me and blame no one else for where I am in life.  In America we succeed primarily by our own sweat and tears, which is what makes America so unique and great.  Sometimes it’s harder for other people, but (not to sound cruel) that’s life.  God didn’t put us all here to sip iced tea on a hammock under a tree all day long in 80 degree sunny weather mooching off rubes. 

So, when people I don’t even know ask politicians to force me to take my money from my hard earned paycheck to pay for the results of their poor decisions and circumstances, then that really grinds my geahs!  We already have established (and since 1996 more responsible) welfare outlets, we don’t need new, highly expensive ones!  And, I think it’s fundamentally rude to ask for that in most cases since the people asking are the beneficiaries and not the ones actually doling out the cash.  I give money to charities to help those I feel need the help I can give.

Some people use hard times to strengthen their character, while others use it to scapegoat their problems onto someone else.  Mitt Romney had nothing to do with this woman’s problems or struggles, but she acted out against him as if he was part of her problem.  Like Romney said: he was Massachusetts’ governor, not New Hampshire’s, and could not have affected this woman’s past.  I don’t think she’s apt to vote Republican anyway, not with a “poor me”/gimme attitude like that.  Who among us doesn’t have problems?

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