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Color-Blind Injustice

Posted by Mike on August 6, 2007

Tennessee pastor Joseph Parker does not hold back when explain the horrors of abortion to his mostly black congregation. According to Parker, legalized abortion has killed more black people in the United States than the KKK has in its entire history. The pastor should be applauded for drawing attention to this horrific fact; however, there is something about his argument that is quite troubling.

Every successful abortion kills a human being, but the forceps, vacuum tube, saline, or scissors used in the brutal procedure pay no attention to the child’s skin color. Abortionists do not discriminate. Unborn children of all races are potential victims.

Unfortunately we are still a nation where some people either feel the need to invoke race to construct an argument or need to hear an argument in racial terms in order to process the merits of that argument. The fact that Parker needs to invoke race to persuade people about the horrors of murder is troubling. We would be better off if the value of human life could speak for itself. Unfortunately our culture is neither at the point where the value and dignity of human life can speak for itself nor at the point where values can be evaluated in a color-blind manner.

That said, I appreciate Joseph Parker for his efforts to protect the rights of the unborn, even if he must invoke race to do so.

Link via Free Republic


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