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Posted by Sal on August 8, 2007

Mrs. Sal got carded earlier this evening.  However, she didn’t get carded for buying a bottle of wine, a case of beer, or even a bottle of vodka.  No, she got carded for attempting to buy a can of spray paint at Home Depot.  We waited for five minutes at the self checkout while a clerk had to go through about 12 menus to unlock the block on spray paint purchases, after verifying her date of birth. 

Only in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. 

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Revealing Democrat Debate

Posted by Ryan on August 8, 2007

No one with a life watched more than twenty minutes of the AFL-CIO sponsored Democrat debate last night in Chicago.  I count myself amongst those.  Keith Olbermann in front of a Union audience with a bunch of megalomaniacal Democrats on stage is tough enough to stomach for longer than twenty minutes.  I watch the Dem debates mostly for entertainment, and to watch how perfect opportunities for Republicans to find, but not use, great sound-bites.  Here was the Republican highlight of last night’s debate:

While taking turns knocking Barry O’Bama’s ridiculous statements on Pakistan, She Who Must Not Be Named had this beautiful gem of a line:

“You should not always say everything you think when you are running for president, because it can have consequences.”

Sweet Jesus, what a line!  How Freudian of her!  That was the line of the night, I suppose.  C’mon Republicans, you can’t get those ads out early or fast enough!

Texas Hold ‘Em Blog pic.

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Sadr City Raid

Posted by Ryan on August 8, 2007

It’s about time we raided Sadr City!  Sadr City is a northeast suburb of Baghdad and a huge breeding ground of Shiite extremists in the north.  It was part of my brother’s partol route when he was stationed in Taji.  He thought it was a place that was calming down, but needed to be handled.  That was before the Sunnis tried to start a civil war back in February 2006, unexpectedly leading to the reprisals and ethnic cleansing of Sunni neighborhoods in Shiite areas.  The Sunnis failed in that endeavor, as is evidenced with their cooperation, movement towards government involvement, and disdain for al Qaeda that has emerged since early 2007.  Plus, if genocide were to take place, the Sunnis realize that it would be they who are wiped out!

So, finally, US and Iraqi forces tracked down a splinter group of Mookie al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army who have been trying to sneak in explosive devices and had received training from Iran.  No surprise that they were in Sadr City!  So, we sent the troops and air support in and mowed down the bad guys.  32 militants and 9 civilians were killed, while 12 suspects were detained.  I’m of the firm belief that al-Sadr’s continued existence was a major failure of the IOF2 (Operation Iraqi Freedom II, stabilization and transition phase).  Al-Sadr was a spoiled little punk who grabbed onto his skirt and ran into a mosque.  He had 400 militants then, but we were waging a politically correct war and would not attack that mosque.  Today, he has 40,000 at his command and a dear friend with deep pockets in Tehran. 

I think a lot of frustration over the Iraq War is that we haven’t been kicking enough butt.  Americans know our military rocks and can beat anyone in a straight fight, so why havent we been doing that?  It’s complicated with asymetrical combat.  However, with the Surge, and with cooperation from the Iraqi Parliament, we now have the rules of engagement that allow us to do the job better.  Hitting targets in Sadr City is a great way to put Mookie and his Iranian stooges on notice. photo.

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