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Big Brother 8: Kail Evicted

Posted by Mike on August 9, 2007

Kail’s luck ran out Thursday evening when she became the fifth houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house. She lost to fellow nominee Eric by a vote of 4-3, ending her streak of two consecutive near-eviction experiences.

Kail’s horrible gameplay practically ensured that she was never going to win the game. Her nominations as the first HOH were actually pretty decent, but she painted a huge target on herself by forming a four-person alliance at the very beginning. To make matters worse, she targeted an explosive and unpredictable jackass against the wishes of the house during week two. She was also easily rattled by Dick’s verbal abuse. There is no doubt that Kail’s gameplay was inadequate, but she seemed like a decent person. She was certainly the most normal houseguest. It’s a shame that she had to leave before Dick.

Speaking of the man who needs no nickname, Dick “the *#tches deserve my abuse” Donato confronted Dustin almost immediately after the vote was revealed for failing to do as he was told. Unfortunately for the schmuck, Jessica won the HOH competition at the end of the show, guaranteeing safety for herself and her allies Dustin, Joe Kennedy Sr.-sympathizer Amber, Jameka, and Eric.  Dick and his daughter Daniele (aka “Bones”) on the other hand are the most likely targets for eviction. Showing his typical grace under pressure Evil reacted to Jessica’s win by unleashing one of his patented abusive tirades at Jameka. Everyone gets a turn I suppose.

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Stu Bykofsky is a “Sick Bastard”

Posted by Ryan on August 9, 2007

How do we steel resolve in America towards fighting the War on Terror?  Stu Bykofsky of the Philadelphia Daily News has a few tips:  please terrorists, hit America again!  This kind of leftist dribble is borderline treasonous– when free speech is used specifically to encite or invite violence against Americans, it needs a closer look in my opinion.  Poor historical perspective, bad anecdotes, and a solution for unity that rivals Bin Laden’s dreams infect this article!  Stu is trying to be that guy who thinks he’s cutting edge because he believes he’s just saying what everyone else is thinking but won’t say.  Rather, he comes across like a leftist loon trying too hard, unwittingly employing Bill O’Reilly’s infamous tendency to automatically-take-the-middle-of-anything, even on getting hit by terrorists!

Here’s a list of points Stu makes in his article:

  • He blames Bush and Congress for Iraq, but also for all the division it has caused our country.  See, it’s only division if you don’t agree with the leftist point of view, otherwise it’s automatically consensus.  It’s not the Republicans that split this country on Iraq, not even most Democrats, it was leftist boobs that believe our soldiers are the expression of American power which they view as malevolent.
  • He says America’s not in it, (or any war) for the long haul like Britain for example, yet somehow another 9/11 is going to automatically change that, as if all our enemies will suddenly appear in states with uniforms, armies with chains of command, and the open will to attack our military juggernaut on a specific geographic battlefield with capitals to take and treaties to sign on battleships.
  • Despite Stu’s uninformed assertion, Bush 41 made every possible mistake in the aftermath of the Gulf War, leading to two subsequent administrations having to pick up the pieces and finish the job.  Yet, Stu’s got nothing but praise for Pappy Bush, and nothing but criticism for Dubya, lending to my feeling that he might name drop historical events and dates, but has little understanding of them.  Could he have gone to public school?
  • By killing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of Americans, Stu seems to think this will help us end the debate.  I’m sorry to break it to Stu, but quabbling and debate is this thing called “democracy.”  Maybe he’s heard of it, maybe not– there’s that public school question in my head again. 

So, by logical extension, the death of many Americans by terrorists will crush democracy and thereby end the division in American society which to Stu has been “pulling apart like a cheap sweater.”  Way to go, Stu!  I think this guy may have gone to NYU by the way he’s ranting! 

I think he thinks his heart’s in the right place, but I don’t think he understands the gravity of what he’s proposing, making me wholeheartedly respond to the article’s second line: Stu, you are a “sick bastard” not for suggesting that a catastrophe would have a unifying effect, but with the reckless abandon in which you suggest the solution, even providing al Qaeda with potential targets towards the end.

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Big Brother 8: *$#t Hits The Fan

Posted by Mike on August 9, 2007

Scandal is nothing new to Big Brother television series but this season is in a downward spiral. First off, I’d like to withdraw my previous support for the human waterworks known as Amber. As most of the internet already knows, the “Sea Hag” was caught making anti-semitic statements that might even make those who overuse the word “Zionist” blush. Although she should not removed from the show for her comments, one would hope that her days in the Big Brother House are numbered.

In related scandal news, many devoted fans now seem to believe that the Big Brother producers have taken what used to be known as subtle diary room influence and transformed into outright vote rigging. This may may or may not be true; only time will tell if CBS does not. If true, the rigging would be as counterproductive as it is shameful. The game concept of the show is entertaining enough to deliver its ratings without manipulation.

That said, Big Brother has a history of ratings-killer contestants outlasting fan favorites so I’ll give CBS the benefit of the doubt for now. Assuming the game is legit, I am rooting for the alliance of Jessica, Dustin, and Jameka. Although anyone would deserve to win more than Richard.

Screencap via Survivor Sucks

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“Deeply Worried,” Newt Gets It

Posted by Ryan on August 9, 2007

Here’s a CNN video from the National Press Club with Newt Gingrich giving a five-minute response to a question on the War on Terror.  Ignore the title on the top of the page, it refers to the text of a related story and not the substance of the video itself.  When you hear what Newt has to say it seems like common sense to a conservative, but no one really wants to hear it.  I don’t want to hear this kind of gloomy stuff, but I recognize his message and fear it given our society’s complacency on radical Islam.

General Tommy Franks once said something like Newt does in this video.  Thousands of people wake up every morning with the sole purpose of destroying America.  This is a real, serious threat and our ruling elites have simply ignored numerous motives of our enemies.  Listen to what Newt says about Iran– scary, very scary and rings true if one just listens to Mahmoud’s own statements!  If a WMD takes out an American city, most likely a dirty-bomb or major infrastructure attack, then the Constitution and our civil liberties will be at serious risk, because the American people will demand it so.  Is it going to take such an event to mobilize us into action?  We have a major candidate in a major political party running for President that denies the existence of a real war on terror as has been recognized in the post-9/11 world!  It is ominous, unfortunately.

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Bush Answers a Dumb Question

Posted by Ryan on August 9, 2007

The second MSM reaction to the I-35 Bridge collapse was to blame Bush and Republicans for their tax policy (the first was shock).  Zero-sum economics went out with feudalistic-style mercantilism back in the 1600s.  The knee-jerk reaction of the left-leaning undereducated press was to use President Bush’s first press conference since July 12 to bring up a silly, populist point about tax raising.  

Predictably, President Bush said that he would NOT raise taxes on gasoline to pay for transportation infrastructure.  Bush said, using numbers and facts as his guide, that there’s plenty of money for infrastructure, but Congress and local governments need to think about how they set their spending priorities.  Then and only then should new taxes be debated. 

I don’t even think that option should be on the table.  We have the money, it’s just the bureaucracy has so much red-tape on so many different levels with workers who do not have a sense of urgency to accomplish their tasks in a timely manner.  If they take too much time or go over budget, is the state going to contract a new company at that point?  Of course not.  There’s no consistent standard for accountability either.  The I-35 Bridge had already been cited numerous times for being a troubled bridge.  No amount of money was going to prevent that bridge from falling if no one’s going to take the warnings seriously.

Bush also answered questions on Iraq, Iran, Pat Tillman, Club Gitmo, and the subprime lending collapse and its effect on the economy, etc.  Typical yawning press conference boilerplate with typical Bush-like answers.

AP photo.

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Giuiani Does Democrats’ Dirty Work

Posted by Mike on August 9, 2007

Mitt Romney’s campaign recently took a swipe at Rudy Giuliani’s record on illegal immigration, accusing the Mayor of running New York as a sanctuary city during the 1990s. Outraged, the Giuliani campaign issued a response accusing Romney of being a flip-flopper and denying the charge. I’m troubled by Giuliani’s response because it is patently false and reinforces liberal exaggerations of a fellow Republicans record.

Romney accused Giuliani of running a sanctuary city and the Mayor’s campaign denied it. Unfortunately for Giuliani, Romney was right. Although it was Mayor Koch who originally turned Gotham into a sanctuary city, Giuliani proudly continued and even defended the disgraceful policy.

“Some of the hardest-working and most productive people in this city are undocumented aliens,” Giuliani said at the time. “If you come here and you work hard and you happen to be in an undocumented status, you’re one of the people who we want in this city. You’re somebody that we want to protect, and we want you to get out from under what is often a life of being like a fugitive, which is really unfair.”

Just as troubling as the Giuliani campaign’s fibbing is their haste to reinforce a liberal exaggeration about Mitt Romney’s record. Early on in the campaign, Romney admitted to changing his position on the issue of abortion. Following this admission, liberals hit the airwaves and falsely accused the Governor of waffling on a number of other issues, gay rights being the most egregious example.

What these exaggerations accomplished was the creation of a perception that Romney is a serial waffler. Although this perception stems from gross exaggerations, it is something that Romney will have to defend in the general election should he win the Republican nomination. Giuliani lending the appearance of credibility to this mudslinging can only benefit She Who Must Not Be Named.

Although every Republican candidate wants to be the nominee, only one will win that honor. The eventual nominee, whoever it is, will have strengths and weaknesses as a candidate. It is perfectly legitimate for the Republican candidates to draw distinctions among themselves so long as those distinctions are truthful. Lending credibility to liberal exaggerations of Romney’s flip-flopping is no less disgusting than conservatives who lend credibility to phony liberal attacks on Giuliani’s anti-terrorism credentials. Our party’s unsuccessful candidates must not become an accomplices to the fountain of misinformation who will emerge on the Democrat side.

Romney drew accurate distinction on illegal immigration and the Giuliani campaign delivered a misleading, irrelevant, and unhelpful response. Giuliani should either admit his liberal position and move on, like he does with abortion; or he should change his position and explain why he was wrong, like he did on McCain-Feingold. That’s right. Rudy threw this stone from his glass house.

On this exchange: advantage Romney.

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