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Big Brother 8: *$#t Hits The Fan

Posted by Mike on August 9, 2007

Scandal is nothing new to Big Brother television series but this season is in a downward spiral. First off, I’d like to withdraw my previous support for the human waterworks known as Amber. As most of the internet already knows, the “Sea Hag” was caught making anti-semitic statements that might even make those who overuse the word “Zionist” blush. Although she should not removed from the show for her comments, one would hope that her days in the Big Brother House are numbered.

In related scandal news, many devoted fans now seem to believe that the Big Brother producers have taken what used to be known as subtle diary room influence and transformed into outright vote rigging. This may may or may not be true; only time will tell if CBS does not. If true, the rigging would be as counterproductive as it is shameful. The game concept of the show is entertaining enough to deliver its ratings without manipulation.

That said, Big Brother has a history of ratings-killer contestants outlasting fan favorites so I’ll give CBS the benefit of the doubt for now. Assuming the game is legit, I am rooting for the alliance of Jessica, Dustin, and Jameka. Although anyone would deserve to win more than Richard.

Screencap via Survivor Sucks

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3 Responses to “Big Brother 8: *$#t Hits The Fan”

  1. Ryan said

    I just watched the eviction show this week (NO SPOILERS HERE, WAIT FOR MIKE’S POST) and there was nothing said about the anti-semetic remarks of Amber– edited out of existence.

    I’m not surprised. CBS will allow Evil Dick to get away with what can only be considered verbal harassment and assault every week against women, but won’t fess up to having a racist on their show. I’m getting more disenchanted with this season, its producers, directors, and editors, every episode I watch.

  2. Chris said

    Now I don’t consistently watch the show, but the screencap you posted sent me over to YouTube to watch Amber in action. I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s a basketcase and that crying is really annoying. I’m not suprised either about “See BS” sweeping her remarks under the rug.

  3. Mike said

    I actually find her crying to be quite funny, especially when it is in response to something completely random. As awful as her tirade was, she still pales in comparison to Dick’s verbal and arguably physical assaults (golf club incident).

    While I understand that Amber made those comments under extreme stress, the comments were still uncalled for and CBS should be ashamed for not showing them. Kudos to Fox and even CNN for calling them on it.

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