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Bush Answers a Dumb Question

Posted by Ryan on August 9, 2007

The second MSM reaction to the I-35 Bridge collapse was to blame Bush and Republicans for their tax policy (the first was shock).  Zero-sum economics went out with feudalistic-style mercantilism back in the 1600s.  The knee-jerk reaction of the left-leaning undereducated press was to use President Bush’s first press conference since July 12 to bring up a silly, populist point about tax raising.  

Predictably, President Bush said that he would NOT raise taxes on gasoline to pay for transportation infrastructure.  Bush said, using numbers and facts as his guide, that there’s plenty of money for infrastructure, but Congress and local governments need to think about how they set their spending priorities.  Then and only then should new taxes be debated. 

I don’t even think that option should be on the table.  We have the money, it’s just the bureaucracy has so much red-tape on so many different levels with workers who do not have a sense of urgency to accomplish their tasks in a timely manner.  If they take too much time or go over budget, is the state going to contract a new company at that point?  Of course not.  There’s no consistent standard for accountability either.  The I-35 Bridge had already been cited numerous times for being a troubled bridge.  No amount of money was going to prevent that bridge from falling if no one’s going to take the warnings seriously.

Bush also answered questions on Iraq, Iran, Pat Tillman, Club Gitmo, and the subprime lending collapse and its effect on the economy, etc.  Typical yawning press conference boilerplate with typical Bush-like answers.

AP photo.

3 Responses to “Bush Answers a Dumb Question”

  1. You really thought that the questions were dumber than the answers?

  2. Ryan said

    Yes. Bush is and has always been on message and his press conference answers to certain questions will never change. I may not always agree with that message, but his economic record has been effective (minus non-military government spending) and his philosophy on terror is rock solid. He’s not the most articulate guy, obviously, and he’s dead wrong on illegals, but Bush is not dumb, which has been the Left’s fatal flaw in attacking him.

    Asking Bush whether or not he’s thinking of raising taxes is an absurd question. Foreign policy questions that will elicit simple, obvious answers is not probing at all. Closing down Club Gitmo, Maliki and Mahmoud smiling in a photo, reaction to endless McCarthyist Senate investigations… what do you they think he’s going to say?

    Ask more substantive, detailed questions, not sound-bite oriented fluff questions with answers you already know he’ll give you before you even sowed up that morning. Maybe they need to ask that standard stuff, but the tax question struck me as ridiculous. He’s not his dad on taxes, as much as the MSM wants him to be.

  3. BillT said

    Money isn’t the problem here, corruption is. And corruption is barely noticed until, say, levees break or bridges collapse. But like you say, undereducation leads to a sense that money solves every problem. And a growing socialist impulse adds that everything should be handled at the federal level.


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