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“Deeply Worried,” Newt Gets It

Posted by Ryan on August 9, 2007

Here’s a CNN video from the National Press Club with Newt Gingrich giving a five-minute response to a question on the War on Terror.  Ignore the title on the top of the page, it refers to the text of a related story and not the substance of the video itself.  When you hear what Newt has to say it seems like common sense to a conservative, but no one really wants to hear it.  I don’t want to hear this kind of gloomy stuff, but I recognize his message and fear it given our society’s complacency on radical Islam.

General Tommy Franks once said something like Newt does in this video.  Thousands of people wake up every morning with the sole purpose of destroying America.  This is a real, serious threat and our ruling elites have simply ignored numerous motives of our enemies.  Listen to what Newt says about Iran– scary, very scary and rings true if one just listens to Mahmoud’s own statements!  If a WMD takes out an American city, most likely a dirty-bomb or major infrastructure attack, then the Constitution and our civil liberties will be at serious risk, because the American people will demand it so.  Is it going to take such an event to mobilize us into action?  We have a major candidate in a major political party running for President that denies the existence of a real war on terror as has been recognized in the post-9/11 world!  It is ominous, unfortunately.

2 Responses to ““Deeply Worried,” Newt Gets It”

  1. BillT said

    If this man isn’t the next chairman of the Republican party, Republican leadership will suffer massively.

  2. sheldon robidoux said

    Most of what he says is true, but he misspoke on one count. He said no one in this society has described the scale of the problems we are facing. He should have said no one in this administration, since those outside have been screaming loudly about problems not being addressed. Apparently those voices are not counted as part of Newt’s society. Yet, in typical politician fashion, if he has a plan, he is not prepared to say what it is. He’ll only allude to what we can expect to give up. And he made it very clear several years ago what part of that would be.

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