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Stu Bykofsky is a “Sick Bastard”

Posted by Ryan on August 9, 2007

How do we steel resolve in America towards fighting the War on Terror?  Stu Bykofsky of the Philadelphia Daily News has a few tips:  please terrorists, hit America again!  This kind of leftist dribble is borderline treasonous– when free speech is used specifically to encite or invite violence against Americans, it needs a closer look in my opinion.  Poor historical perspective, bad anecdotes, and a solution for unity that rivals Bin Laden’s dreams infect this article!  Stu is trying to be that guy who thinks he’s cutting edge because he believes he’s just saying what everyone else is thinking but won’t say.  Rather, he comes across like a leftist loon trying too hard, unwittingly employing Bill O’Reilly’s infamous tendency to automatically-take-the-middle-of-anything, even on getting hit by terrorists!

Here’s a list of points Stu makes in his article:

  • He blames Bush and Congress for Iraq, but also for all the division it has caused our country.  See, it’s only division if you don’t agree with the leftist point of view, otherwise it’s automatically consensus.  It’s not the Republicans that split this country on Iraq, not even most Democrats, it was leftist boobs that believe our soldiers are the expression of American power which they view as malevolent.
  • He says America’s not in it, (or any war) for the long haul like Britain for example, yet somehow another 9/11 is going to automatically change that, as if all our enemies will suddenly appear in states with uniforms, armies with chains of command, and the open will to attack our military juggernaut on a specific geographic battlefield with capitals to take and treaties to sign on battleships.
  • Despite Stu’s uninformed assertion, Bush 41 made every possible mistake in the aftermath of the Gulf War, leading to two subsequent administrations having to pick up the pieces and finish the job.  Yet, Stu’s got nothing but praise for Pappy Bush, and nothing but criticism for Dubya, lending to my feeling that he might name drop historical events and dates, but has little understanding of them.  Could he have gone to public school?
  • By killing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of Americans, Stu seems to think this will help us end the debate.  I’m sorry to break it to Stu, but quabbling and debate is this thing called “democracy.”  Maybe he’s heard of it, maybe not– there’s that public school question in my head again. 

So, by logical extension, the death of many Americans by terrorists will crush democracy and thereby end the division in American society which to Stu has been “pulling apart like a cheap sweater.”  Way to go, Stu!  I think this guy may have gone to NYU by the way he’s ranting! 

I think he thinks his heart’s in the right place, but I don’t think he understands the gravity of what he’s proposing, making me wholeheartedly respond to the article’s second line: Stu, you are a “sick bastard” not for suggesting that a catastrophe would have a unifying effect, but with the reckless abandon in which you suggest the solution, even providing al Qaeda with potential targets towards the end.

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