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The Global Warming Religion, According to Rush

Posted by Ryan on August 10, 2007

Rush was absolutely brilliant yesterday knocking the horrors of man-made global warming and I was hoping he’d post his rant on his website.  He did!  After making his point about the fallacy-filled 1998 NASA statistics on the average temperature that year (supposedly the hottest year ever) and taking a few calls, he went on a brilliant farce of global warming dogma and its similarity to organized religion.  Here’s a taste:

“You must take it [global warming] on faith.”

“It has a Garden of Eden – the original pristine Earth.”

“It has the arrival of Man.”

“It has sin… the destruction of the planet.”

“It has redemption.  Believing in Global Warming.”

“Roll back your lifestyle.”

“They want you under their control.” 

“It’s got salvation.”

Worldview, rules for life, creation myth, central system of control (bought and paid for scientists as shaman and government stooges as organizational leaders), devout followers, and the urge to spread the philosophy by convincing people that they are right and you are wrong (an “us versus them” kind of thing), the concept of evil:  All of these are found in most religions!  It’s funny in my opinion!  I wonder if they see it that way. 

Probably not, but I’ve always felt that people who have denied or not found meaning in religion will find religious-like things to latch onto.  Many atheists I knew in college were big environmentalists, big psychology people, or those who believe in UFOs and omnipotent aliens– all things that have a dogma, a worldview, a sense of right and wrong, and a “power” or theories that transcend all humanity… also a sense that they know better than the general public so they must proselytize their beliefs.  Not everybody, but many. 


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