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EZ Pass to Court!

Posted by Ryan on August 11, 2007

I’ve lived in Jersey for nearly six years and I have yet to get EZ Pass.  Probably because I try to avoid toll roads and do not have to use them at all for my daily routine travels.  But millions of people use the EZ Pass system in 12 states in the Northeast and Midwest.   It’s very convenient, leads to a faster ride, and if you have to pay tolls there isn’t a more efficient way to do it given the volume on many toll roads.

However, I despise cheaters and adulterers.  I think it’s a huge character and moral flaw for members of either sex, and as a male, I think it demeans one’s manhood, is fundamentally selfish, and ultimately hurts everyone involved.  But, apparently, divorce lawyers have been catching cheaters by using EZ Pass toll records to show where the cheater had allegedly been!  “Jeez, I was just at an overnight business meeting Philly…” but EZ Pass said you didn’t get past Exit 14 in New Jersey that night… hmm…  I think it’s an ingenious use of technology to catch these losers, and may dissuade people from making a big mistake sometime in the future.

DOT pic.


One Response to “EZ Pass to Court!”

  1. Chris said

    As a lifetime New Jerseyan and a significant user of the Garden State Parkway, I still have not become an EZPass user. They never gave discounts on the GSP like one gets discounts using it going into NYC or over the Verrazano.

    Honestly, I am surprised that it took this long to use EZPass as a weapon by divorce lawyers. If phone bills can be used, why stop there!

    The thing that worries me the most about EZPass is that with the advent of red light cameras and cameras at the tollgates, they will eventually be able to judge one’s speed using EZPass. Let’s say that it takes a specified amount of time to get from toll plaza to toll plaza going at the speed limit and an EZPass user gets there in a shorter amount of time. That could lead authorities to deduce the EZPass user was speeding and in the mail comes the ticket. While Red light Cams in NJ are not used, I would not be surprised if the big government libs in this state try to get this going (along with dropping the ban on red light cams)…I also would not be surprised to see this in another major big government lib Norteast state that makes use of toll roads and bridges/tunnels like DE, MD, NY or MA.

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