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Iowa Straw Poll Results

Posted by Ryan on August 12, 2007

After waiting over an hour for the Iowa Straw Poll results last night, Mitt Romney emerged as the clear victor.   After 14,203 ballots were cast the results were as follows:

31.6% to Mitt Romney

18.1% to Mike Huckabee

15.3% to Sam Brownback — or “switch back”; should have done a lot better given his home state’s proximity to Iowa

13.7% to Tom Tancredo — one issue guy, but shows how important that one issue is

9.1% to Ron Paul — should drop out and run Libertarian

7.3% to Tommy Thompson — will drop out as he promised if he didn’t come in the top three

4.9% was dispersed between Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani, Duncan Hunter, John McCain and some guy named John Cox (still haven’t figured out if that’s a joke name yet). Romney clearly won the day in Iowa yesterday.  Voter turn out was pretty low and Fred, Rudy, Smeagol and Duncan Hunter put little if any effort into actually competing. 

But, showing up is what is important here.  Those who campaigned made an effort to get regular Americans to know them more closely and intimately than anyone outside of Iowa or New Hampshire is bound to experience.  Our country’s too big to have every candidate spend as much time and effort in every single state, every single town.  So, Iowa and New Hampshire have emerged as two important places in Presidential campaigning because average people can ask real questions and force the candidates to be consistent and honest when responding to the people– or suffer the consequences.  A candidate’s ability to connect with average people, and the salience of their arguments are on display in front of a groups of Americans who know they are important to the process.  That’s why I get suspect with those that don’t even want to try.  Spend a few bucks and blame it on the weather, but at least show up!

Though Romney won, Mike Huckabee is just as big of a story.  Coming in second place with nearly 1 in 5 people casting a vote for him propels Huckabee to the solid top of the second tier of candidates.  I’d say he has more of a future in this race than John McCain, whose campaign has obviously peaked, while Huckabee’s is just gaining steam.  He’s definitely one to watch, especially if one of the top four falter in the coming months.

AP photo.


2 Responses to “Iowa Straw Poll Results”

  1. Chris said

    Early on, Huckabee has shown signs of potential, especially in the debates. While not perfect, he takes some very strong positions on the issues of the day.

    An additional part of his background that impresses me is his significant weight loss. Coming from someone who has lost a lot of weight and is still working to lose more, Mike Huckabee is an inspiration to all who are working to lose/dealing with weight issues. He did it naturally, without surgery, and even was able to run the 2006 NYC Marathon! Huckabee’s impressive weight loss shows that he has the endurance, willpower and drive to complete a task and is a big positive in his corner as he seeks the Office of the President.

    I also agree he is one to watch and he may also be a viable choice for Vice-President, depending on who wins the nomination.

  2. Chris said

    UPDATE: Tommy Thompson has kept his promise and dropped out of the race. A hard decision for him to make, but the correct decision. He has served his country and home state well during his career and maybe we’ll hear from him in the future.

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