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Going for a Record Skydive

Posted by Ryan on August 13, 2007

Drudge posted this story about a 63 year old French man named Michel Fournier who wants to break three skydiving world records at once.  He wants to have the record for the world’s 1) longest skydive, 2) highest parachute jump, and 3) highest altitude achieved by a human in a weather balloon.  To do this he plans to use a special suit and weather balloon to climb 25 miles up (or roughly 130,000 feet) and jump.  He plans on breaking the sound barrier with his body after about 37 seconds, and hopes to hit 1000 miles per hour before deploying his parachute somewhere over the Canadian plains.

Having gone on a tandem-dive once, myself, I can say that this guy is a bit nuts!  I jumped at about 10,000 feet and it was really cool– I may never do it again but it was a great check of my life’s to-do list!  130,000 feet is 13 times higher than that.  If he pulls it off it’ll be incredible: it’s practically space, the atmosphere is brutal, and the luck, physics, and suicidal intestinal fortitude it takes to even go through with this is enough to think this guy’s future may be limited should he try it as scheduled next March 1.  Good luck to him though!

Pic from Maryland Sky Dive.

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Karl Rove Resigns

Posted by Mike on August 13, 2007

Liberals received a late Christmas. . .er . . . solstice . . . er . . . holiday present today when Karl Rove announced his resignation as a White House adviser effective at the end of the month. Unfortunately for our liberal friends, Rove is leaving on his own terms.

Part of Bush’s famous Texas inner circle, Rove constructed two successful gubernatorial campaigns, a successful run for the Presidency, an historic off-year election victory, and a successful re-election.  The key to Rove’s success in these campaigns was not so much his ability to persuade Americans to love George W. Bush, but rather his ability to cause Democrats to act like they were auditioning for the lead role in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Rove’s successful political strategies on behalf of the President sent liberals into repeated fits of rage throughout the President’s two terms. Overplaying their hand at every turn, the Democrats were repeatedly outmaneuvered by the man they saw as a dunce. Seeing as most political oppositions win two mid-terms even against the most popular of Presidents, the Democrats’ inability to win nothing more than a single off-year election against their “stupid” opponent caused an explicable frustration. During Bush’s second term, some of our lefty friends even took this frustration to the point where they acted as if successful politics were grounds for investigations. No one got under liberals’ skin like Karl Rove. For that, he will be missed.

He was no Mark Hanna though. Although his strategies led to political victories, people should not to be too quick to call Rove a political genius. Many of the President’s victories were by narrow margins against inept political figures who should have been sent into the political wilderness with George McGovern and Walter Mondale. Running for re-election as a wartime President presiding over a strong economy, George W. Bush only managed to win re-election by three points. This was in spite of a phony, radical left-wing opponent from Massachusetts who could not hold a single position for more than 18 minutes at a time and whose claim to fame was that he slandered his fellow soldiers in 1971. The 2004 election should have been a 40-plus state landslide.

During the second term, Rove’s new tone of not responding to liberal lies about the Iraq War, the President’s character and phony media polls led those phony polls to become self-fulfilling prophecies. This self-created poll situation has undermined the President’s authority vis-a vis the Iraq War during his second term. As a result the troops and the country suffer because of liberal attempts to prematurely end their mission and expose America to greater risk. A wartime President must enjoy the confidence of the American people. The new tone failed to recognize this new dynamic and that will be Rove’s failure.

Karl Rove helped convince our country to make the right decision in 2000 and 2004. That is something we will always remember. However, Rovian-inspired silence in the face of despicable opposition undermined a war effort. For that, we will never forget.

Reuters photo

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