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No Document Dump for She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

Posted by Ryan on August 14, 2007

She Who Must Not Be Named’s tenure as First Lady:  missing documents, FBI files, short memories, bad policy decisions, obstruction, thinking they elected her… ah, I do miss the Clintons sometimes.  Hardly! 

According to this LA Times article, 2 million pages of SWMNBN’s personal documents, records, diaries, phone logs, etc. on file at the Bill Clinton Presidential Library and Massage Parlor will not be released to the public until… oh wait let me see… hmm… when should they come out… oh yes! after the 2008 Election!  The article, obviously demonstrating their leftist spin, loathes the prospect that opposition may try to use this material against her in the campaign.  Material, I’m sure, that would put her on the defense and have to explain her positions on things in a way the MSM could not ignore and would not like. 

But, should we know what she truly did or really feels about things before we (shudder) elect her President?  Damn straight!  We already know that the minutes and records of the health care debate back in 1993-4 have SWMNBN’s statements taken clearly out of the records.  However, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) can be a wonderful thing.  Her opponents in the primaries and the eventual Republican nominee next year will use these records (or her people’s refusal to make them public) an issue that won’t go away.  One way or another she’ll have to reckon with this development more than she wants to.  In fact her people have already brought up the Presidential Records Act as a way to obstruct release of these documents until her coronation next year, due to the fact that her opponents might use them against her!  Well, why not!  I want America to know as much as possible about her before we vote.  I’m sure we’d relive all the bad parts of the 1990s that we’d sooner like to forget.

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2 Responses to “No Document Dump for She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”

  1. Chris said

    Hopefully she won’t get away with this. I already sent an email to Landmark Legal (as I am sure many like us already have)…that’s “The Great One” Mark Levin’s group, and I hope they take legal action citing FIOA, as they have done in past cases, to expose SWMNBN.

  2. BillT said

    I’m pretty sure the Old Media could ignore a third arm growing out of her back. The documents would, however, be useful in the blogosphere – where information is currency.

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