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Germany and Poland Fight Over Mozart

Posted by Mike on August 15, 2007

A little brew ha ha has broken out between Germany and Poland over an original copy of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 27 manuscript and the original manuscript of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 8. Originally owned by Germany, the manuscripts were moved from Berlin to a Polish monastery during World War II by the German Nazi government to protect the treasures from Allied bombing. Unfortunately for the Germans, Poland held on to the manuscripts following their liberation. Now the Germans want the manuscripts back.

My first reaction to this was “finders keepers” but that isn’t entirely accurate. It isn’t as if the Poles stumbled upon the artifacts but that isn’t really important. The Germans should have thought about the loss of their priceless treasures before they embarked on their little er. . . adventure back in the 1940s, you know the most recent of many. After centuries of invading and partitioning Poland, the least the Germans can do is let them keep the manuscripts. Kudos to Poland for not caving. Kocham Polskie!

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Calling Iranian Terror by its Name

Posted by Ryan on August 15, 2007

I’ve been attending an educator’s workshop series this week on the Cold War and the War on Terror.  In fact, one of the speakers today was called by MSDNC this morning to comment later on a talking-head show about our classifying the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terror sponsoring group on the terror watch list.  The speaker said it was about 28 years late, but he’ll take it. 

This means that any companies who do business with the IRG cannot do legitimate business with American companies OR companies that trade with American companies.  Ouch.  I was not aware until today that the IRG gets its cash from domestic and international business ventures which it funnels to Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Mookie al Sadr’s band of mighty idiots.  The kick is that China is the IRG’s largest non-Iranian trading partner!  Also, the IRG is a separate entity from the conventional Iranian military and veterans like Mahmoud rise through the ranks of government through connections they made in IRG service.

This is not a declaration of war by any means, but it is a step to show Iran we’re serious about their disengagement in Iraq and the region.  If the IRG is on the terror watch list and we catch them in Iraq or elsewhere we can shoot first and ask questions later.  It’s important that Iran knows that.  The last thing they want is a war with us right now.  They just believe that a constant hum of destabilization in the region is in their best interest until they get their nuke and paint blue and white stripes next to the phrase “To Tel Aviv: With our love, infidels! -Mahmoud”. 

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Benjamin Netanyahu’s Comeback

Posted by Mike on August 15, 2007

Benjamin Netanyahu was recently re-elected as leader of Israel’s Likud Party. Although his re-election would probably be newsworthy under ordinary circumstances, it is especially so given the unpopularity of current Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Because of Olmert’s weakness in dealing with Hezbollah last year, Netanyahu’s Likud Party is on the verge of winning of the next election, meaning Netanyahu is most likely the next Prime Minister of Israel.

This is wonderful news. While many politicians are capable of making good decisions, few have the ability to persuasively explain those decisions in the context of an overarching philosophy. This has never been a problem for Netanyahu. When he was Prime Minister during the 1990s, he took a hard-line stance against Palestinian terrorists who threatened his country and articulately explained the moral necessity of challenging those who would terrorize the innocent.

At this point in history; when the British Prime Minister refuses to refer to Islam when describing terrorists who attacked his country, when world leaders are preemptively appeasing Iran and when the Democrat Party is undermining a war against Al Qaeda in Iraq while the otherwise unflappable President Bush doesn’t even bother to respond, the world is in desperate need of moral clarity. Benjamin Netanyahu has provided that in the past and will do so in the future if Israeli politics continues to play out as it is now. Let’s hope our Republican Party follows Likud’s lead in 2008.

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