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Benjamin Netanyahu’s Comeback

Posted by Mike on August 15, 2007

Benjamin Netanyahu was recently re-elected as leader of Israel’s Likud Party. Although his re-election would probably be newsworthy under ordinary circumstances, it is especially so given the unpopularity of current Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Because of Olmert’s weakness in dealing with Hezbollah last year, Netanyahu’s Likud Party is on the verge of winning of the next election, meaning Netanyahu is most likely the next Prime Minister of Israel.

This is wonderful news. While many politicians are capable of making good decisions, few have the ability to persuasively explain those decisions in the context of an overarching philosophy. This has never been a problem for Netanyahu. When he was Prime Minister during the 1990s, he took a hard-line stance against Palestinian terrorists who threatened his country and articulately explained the moral necessity of challenging those who would terrorize the innocent.

At this point in history; when the British Prime Minister refuses to refer to Islam when describing terrorists who attacked his country, when world leaders are preemptively appeasing Iran and when the Democrat Party is undermining a war against Al Qaeda in Iraq while the otherwise unflappable President Bush doesn’t even bother to respond, the world is in desperate need of moral clarity. Benjamin Netanyahu has provided that in the past and will do so in the future if Israeli politics continues to play out as it is now. Let’s hope our Republican Party follows Likud’s lead in 2008.


One Response to “Benjamin Netanyahu’s Comeback”

  1. Chris said

    I am quite surprised that Olmert is still around and that the Kadima party is not dead after the leadership fiasco last year in administering the war against Hezbollah in the Second Lebanon War. His approval rating is quite low and Israel and the Knesset are ripe to go back to a Likud majority.

    Benjamin Netanyahu is a visionary and the Republicans would be wise to follow his leadership and advice…will they though? I hope, but the jury is still out.

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