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Some Dinosaur Media Going the Way of the Dinosaurs?

Posted by Mike on August 16, 2007

Some people seem to think that the extinction of local newspapers would be a bad thing.  Perhaps there will always be a niche that only small local newpapers can address, but I really won’t care if people need to find out about a local bake sale elsewhere.

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Big Brother 8: Seems Rigged to Me

Posted by Mike on August 16, 2007

Dustin was evicted from the Big Brother house tonight by a vote of 4-2 and is now the first member of the jury who will ultimately determine the winner. Fellow nominee Evil Dick survives and re-joins the other seven remaining contestants to compete for the $500,000 grand prize.

Many viewers were shocked at the result but internet message boards saw it coming, especially when it began to appear that CBS was trying to manipulate the result. Although CBS has long been suspected of using diary room interviews to subtly influence voting, many now believe the network has crossed the line into outright vote rigging. This video of Jen discussing the situation with Amber seems to confirm those suspicions.

As does this video of Jen and Jessica.

It is true that America’s Player Eric had to both vote and campaign for Dustin’s eviction due to online voting. Fair enough. However, many think that CBS tampered with the voting by reprimanding America’s Player for not campaigning forcefully enough against Dustin. The fact that he “did a 180” and stepped up his campaigning immediately after leaving the diary room was seen by many as evidence of CBS skullduggery.

Many internet fans also speculated last week that CBS was up to something when Kail was evicted instead of Eric. At the time, I gave CBS the benefit of the doubt. Not anymore. Last week, the last-minute turn of events coincidentally saved their America’s Player twist; and this week’s “unpredictable” events kept the controversial Evil Dick in the house and on the television screen.

CBS claims that their show is produced by Alison Grodner even though it now looks more like a Mary Mapes production. I suppose I could continue to watch this CBS program, but I’d Rather not.

UPDATE: For those still watching this crap, Daniele is the new HOH.

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Jenna’s Gettin’ Hitched!!!

Posted by Ryan on August 16, 2007

The party-girl Bush twin, Jenna (25), is engaged to wed 29-year-old Henry Hager.  They’ve been dating since at least the 2005 Inaugural balls, where he was first seen in public with Jenna.  Hager is the son of Virginia’s former Lieutenant Governor and is in his second year of graduate school at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.  Jenna is a school teacher, according to the article.  That must be strange, having the President’s daughter as your teacher. 

Good for Jenna and congratulations!  It’s also less of a shock to me because I fancy her sister Barbara more.  Barbara being off the market would have really hit deep.  Barbara just seems less party, more business, prettier, more focused and brighter than her sister.  Plus, she looks more like her mom.  

Here is Barbara with her sister:

Washington Post pic on top, and pic second.

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Trouble Picking a “Flawed” Candidate

Posted by Ryan on August 16, 2007

On yesterday’s Rush Limbaugh radio program, Karl Rove stopped by the EIB Network for Advanced Conservative Studies to chat with El Rushbo.  CNN picked up the story and added some responses to Rove’s allegations.  What Rove did was he referred to She Who Must Not be Named as a “fatally flawed” candidate and that once she gets the Democrat nomination, she will lose next year because of it.  Quite bold. 

SWMNBN got the typical folks to go out there to combat Rove’s point of view by saying he’s writing O’Bama’s talking points… of course ignoring the substance of Rove’s argument.  Rove points out that no one in polling history has ever come into a campaign with negatives as high as SWMNBN.  This makes sense but I disagree with one point:  SWMNBN is already so well known by the American people that she is essentially running as an incumbant in my opinion.  So, I think one must look at incumbancy numbers a year before an election before the fatality of the flaw can fully be judged.  Was Bush’s negative numbers in the high 40s in 2004 like SWMNBN is today?  It’s an important angle to explore.  But I also disagree with one of SWMNBN’s campaign guys saying that these negatives will go down once we get to know SWMNBN.  The American people already know her so her numbers are not apt to change as time goes on.  If you don’t like her now, you’re not apt to like her next year either. 

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